War Street Buzz

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Pittsburgh’s Mexican War Street is a town on its own.  And a lot of towns have it’s local bars, restaurants and places for the community to hang out and relax.  Well, the War Streets have an awesome little coffee shop on Buena Vista Street called “Buena Vista Coffee”

Buena Vista Coffee is a small inviting place where one can hang out have a cup of coffee and a breakfast sandwich or a place to take that cup of coffee to go with a pastry.  A long with all of that, they offer espresso, cappuccino and multiple flavors of coffee,  Panini’s, and even a daily soup!

The morning of our visit Buena Vista Coffee was very busy, people in and out grabbing coffee and many customers hanging out and enjoying an early fall morning.  The owners run the place and are very friendly.  I had a cup of coffee and that mornings breakfast sandwich that had egg, cheese, onion and bacon.  It was the perfect way to start the morning. 

I highly suggest giving Buena Vista Coffee a visit!