Buckeye Donuts, a college student’s budget breakfast

Breakfast Sandwich
Breakfast sandwich and tater tots - a la 3rd grade.

The Ohio State University is the heart of the northern part of the Columbus.  Instead of being tourists and checking out the swankiest breakfast joint in town, we decided to eat like the local college students at Buckeye Donuts right on N. High Street across the street from OSU Campus.

Offering more than donuts, the inside of Buckeye Donuts features a small diner-style counter with memorabilia on the walls from the 1960s when it first opened.  After ordering at simple breakfast sandwich, coffee and donuts at the register, we luckily scored seats at the counter as folks were leaving.  While the breakfast didn’t exactly make our tastebuds dance with its spunk, it did satisfy our early morning hunger and had us reminiscing the days when we were in college and wanted breakfast for under $5.  The breakfast sandwich was just okay and the tater tots were merely a child-like side.  The donut in the photo is a Crumb Cake donut which was basically a coffee cake donut.  The coffee was served scalding hot, so be careful with your first sip.

Buckeye Donuts on UrbanspoonAside from our breakfast, I found it ironically fun to watch college students come in the door and get a donut and a fountain soda for breakfast – not coffee, a fountain soda!  Oh, those college days …

According to their website, Buckeye Donuts is open 24 hours a day for the early morning risers, mid-day snackers, and even after bar crowd.  Plus, they do happen to offer several fried and grill-top cooked plates throughout the day.


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