Good Morning New York City!

Pershing Square on Urbanspoon

This past weekend TastebudB and I took a weekend trip to New York City.   This was my first visit to the Big Apple and I was excited to try all the good food you hear so much about!   We arrived very early in the morning, dropped off our bags at the Intercontinential Barclay and went walking the streets and came across Pershing Square. 

Pershing Square is located right across the street from Grand Central Station on 42nd Street.  I know we try to find you all more reasonable places to eat that won’t kill your wallet but lets face it, its New York City, everything is expensive but the good thing is that the food is very good! 

I ordered fresh squeezed orange juice, French Toast with Bacon and it came with a little side of some fruit.  Now, I already have my favorite place for French Toast here in Pittsburgh and no one has ever made it better than the Dor-Stop.  But,  the French Toast at Pershing Square was an excellent delight.  You can’t see in the picture but their are three pieces of French Toast, it was hot, thick and very delicious.  The bacon was not overlly salty and cooked well and the fruit added a nice touch to the rest of the breakfast. 

 Tastebud B ordered a Spinich, Bacon and Cheddar Omelette that came with homefries and wheat toast. The eggs were cooked gently into a thick omelette base and was very good and filling.  Both of our choices were a great way to start our adventure around New York 
And if you are a tourist stopping in like we were,  you will fit right in because the general crowd was a mix of people just in for breakfast, tourists and even some business men and women were having meetings or meeting up with fellow co-workers before work.

If you are in this area of town for breakfast I very much recommend this place!  Go check it out!