Eggs n’at, a Pittsburgh-Proud Breakfast Spot

Student’s at Robert Morris University have something we don’t have. A breakfast joint that would even make YaJagoff’s toes curl in delight. Just down the road from RMU in Moon Township, Eggs N’at wears their Yinzer-ness on their sleeve and it works for them.

Doormat at Eggs n'at
Doormat at Eggs n'at "Welcome Ya' Jagoff"

Pulling into Eggs N’at, TasteBudA had no idea where I found this place. Parking in the back of the building among three cop cars, the first thing that came to mind was “Gee – they must have good donuts.” But as soon as I set food on the doormat leading up to the deck, it was quite clear that it would be a fun breakfast experience. The place was bustling at 8am on a Saturday morning, so we decided to sit at the counter. We were immediately greeted with pleasant service and a hot cup of coffee.

Breakfast Omelette at Eggs N'at
Breakfast Omelette at Eggs N'at served with slices of fresh tomato

Browsing the menu, I immediately got excited over the traditional breakfast fare, not because of the entrees, as much as the side – fresh sliced tomatoes!  I decided on an omelette with marbled rye toast to accompany my tomatoes.  Overall, the dish was a good solid breakfast.  The omelette was well made and filling; the buttered rye toast was a nice change from a traditional sourdough or Italian bread choice.  The tomatoes were a pure delight – fresh and juicy.  Though they happened to have been in-season at the time of our visit, they are offered year-round, so I don’t know if it was the freshness that drew me in or not.  As you can see, I got four slices – expecting only two, it was a very pleasant surprise.  Oh and the best part was it was the entire plate was a mere $7.50.

Eggs Benedict
Eggs Benedict from Eggs N'at in Moon Township

Going for broke, TasteBudA opted for a house specialty Eggs Benedict, which came with a side of Kelly’s homefries.  The dish tasted as good as it looks, according to my TasteBud cohort.  He certainly didn’t leave any evidence left on the plate.

Eggs N' at on UrbanspoonSadly, Moon Township is not in our normal rotation of breakfast destinations, so who knows when we’ll make it back again.  But it may now be my mission to see what other breakfast destinations in Pittsburgh will allow me to add some freshly sliced tomatos to my breakfast orders.


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