TasteBuds head to Conneaut Lake Park

Conneaut Lake Park Entrance
Conneaut Lake Park Entrance

Conneaut Lake Park is still open! After a recent visit to Lago Winery in Jamestown, the TasteBuds made the short drive to Conneaut Lake Park to ride the Blue Streak.

Sure, the park may be in need of a fresh coat of paint, but the historical significance and the passion by the local community to keep the park running provide enough charm to keep riders coming back and keep Conneaut Lake Park open. Rides at the park are pay-per-ride, very reminiscent of a carnival. Not every ride in the park is open, but the classic Blue Streak is still in commission. As an amusement park buff, TasteBudA has always wanted to ride the Blue Streak, the 6th oldest wooden coaster in all of the United States.  Check out our photos below from this very memorable experience.

Are you a rollercoaster tycoon too?  Help contribute to the restoration of Blue Streak.

Mini Golf at Conneaut Lake Park
Miniature Golf is open at Conneaut Lake Park
Blue Streak Tickets at Conneaut Lake Park
Pay-per-ride, the Blue Streak is just $3 per ride.
Blue Streak Station Cars
The cars of Blue Streak are nearly identical to those on the Thunderbolt at Kennywood.
TasteBudB and TasteBudA on Blue Streak
TasteBudB and TasteBudA on Blue Streak.
Blue Streak Hill
The angle at which you are drawn up Blue Streak is quite intense.
Blue Streak Hill Down
But not as intense as the decline, where you practically fly out of your seat.
Conneaut Lake Park Sign
Conneaut Lake Park and Camperland sign in the parking lot. Park for free and pay per ride.


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