Our COVID-19 Socially Distanced Brunch Party

Being socially isolated has really been an adventure to say the least. We’ve been trying to be more creative in the kitchen and planning our meals in advance to ensure we have variety. Recently, one of our friends invited us for a Socially Distanced Brunch Party which we didn’t really understand at first, but turned out to be a great idea.

The party’s host quietly dropped off our brunch kit complete with activities and champagne at our doorstep the day before the brunch. Out of respect for the event, we didn’t dive into the kit until the party actually started on Saturday morning.

We used the House Party app on our iPad for a video sharing session.

Activity 1: Virtual Champagne Toast

The party began with a virtual clinking of champagne glasses and basically continued through the party as mimosas were the designed libation for the event. We won’t enumerate the number of champagne bottles we enjoyed …

Activity 2: Sketch A Friend

Inside of the kit was Etch Paper, we were each randomly assigned a friend to draw and present to the group. Each person’s creativity was really put to the challenge. Etch Paper is basically this specially coated paper that you use a toothpick to scratch the paper revealing a color beneath the top layer. It works much like a scratch off lottery ticket.

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Our sketches comprised of stick figures to full body drawings accompanied by cats, dogs, wine bottles, signature clothing and other fun quirks that make each person unique. Perhaps the “tell” portion of the show and tell was the most fun as we had to describe in detail what elements were in each and why.

Activity 3: More Champagne

Did I mention that the host was generous enough to have provided us multiple bottles of champagne?

Activity 4: Group Painting

The final item from the brunch kit was better for the less artistic guests – a paint by number. But not just any paint by number – it was the very special Bob Ross by the Numbers

The Bob Ross kit was a nice touch. We painted with mini paint brushes on mini canvases on a mini easel. You did have to mix your own colors, which proved a challenging task given the base set of colors and not really understanding how potent some colors were. Pictured above is one of the results from the Covered Bridge painting. The Bob Ross set had 4 mini canvases to choose from so there were some that had much brighter colors, but we started with this one as a step 1.

Pro Tip: Cover the table you plan to do this one. Or simply don’t paint in the wind. The outdoor breeze blew over my paint a couple times and resulted in a mess.

The morning flew by as we painting and gossiped and felt like we were together back before the isolation. We had a great time during our video chat brunch session.

It all proved – Sometimes you just need to think outside the box!


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