Visit to food contest veterans Triangle Bar and Grill

Classic Italian Hoagie
Classic Italian Hoagie from Triangle Bar and Grill, a miniature version of the Battleship

Recall when The Pittsburgh TasteBuds were judges for Pittsburgh’s Best Hoagie contest through WPXI?  During that competition, one of the favorite hoagies was from Triangle Bar and Grill.  And, way back when the Pittsburgh TasteBuds first got started, I remembered sampling some chili from Chili With The Works at South Side Works, where we’d given them an honorable mention.

Triangle Bar & Grill on UrbanspoonSo, on a lazy Sunday afternoon recently, TasteBudA and I ventured out for a lunch and wound up at Triangle Bar and Grill “Home of the Battleship”, which is a monstrous Italian Hoagie measuring 24-inches in length.  With such a reputation, there was no doubt in my mind that I’d have to get the Italian Hoagie, though I opted for a much smaller version of the Battleship.  This super meaty sub struck a nice balance between the oregano and dressing which can make or break a good hoagie.  Add in some shredded lettuce, tomato and paper-thin sliced onions and this is a great sandwich!  If only they’d served bloody mary’s, I’d have gotten one to compliment the lunch meal on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Triangle Bar and Grill - Fried Jumbo
TasteBudA got the Friend Jumbo Sandwich

TasteBudA got a sandwich that reminded him of growing up in the ‘burgh – a Fried Jumbo Sandwich.  For those not accustomed to Pittsburgh-ese, jumbo means bologna.  Also very meaty, the sandwich seemed to hit the spot.

Sure, Triangle Bar and Grill may be well off the beaten path, but we were far from the only people ordering on a Sunday afternoon in the summer.  The place is quite popular for takeout and worth a stop if you’re in the area.


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