TasteBuds tour Sprecher Brewery in Milwaukee

Brewery Tour at Sprecher Brewery
Tour guides lead us into the brewery where we learned about the multi-stage process the ingredients go through to make beer.

This summer, the TasteBuds hit the road to see the Pirates battle the Brewers for an early June series. And when in Rome – or in this case Milwaukee – it only seemed fitting to visit a local brewery, sample some beer and learn a little more about how beer is made. With a little planning and research, TasteBudA determined Sprecher Brewery as our destination, who is not only known for their beer, but also their gourmet sodas.

TasteBudA Smelling Hops
TasteBudA sticks his nose in some hops during the tour

Founded in only 1985, Sprecher Brewery was a very cool place to visit.  At the conclusion of a brewery tour, it was especially neat to experience a Reserve Tasting.  At this gatherin, we tasted ten beers all paired with cheese.  Who would have thought that in the same manner cheeses get paired with wine, pairing them with beer would yield the same results.  Each cheese complimented the beer so well and helped draw out the unique flavors of each beer.

Bottling Floor of Sprecher Brewery
The bottling floor is where you see it all come together. A wagon sits in the center of the bottling machine.

If you ever stumble upon Sprecher Root Beer at your local Costco, definitely pick some up.  It will be the best, smoothest root beer you have ever tasted.

The visit and tour was something very unique and a great excursion in between Pirates games.  The city was very hospitable and we left wanting to explore more.  Hopefully we will return in the future.

Milwaukee is very proud of their brewery and agricultural heritage.  Visitors can see  dairy and cheese influences tied in to most of the food served in the city.  As a son of a dairy farmer from upstate New York, it brought back many memories of growing up where we took great pride in the agricultural industry.

I wonder if Milwaukee too has a Dairy Princess Parade …


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