1810 Tavern in Bridgewater

1810 Tavern in Bridgewater
1810 Tavern in Bridgewater, PA

Some may complain that Beaver is “too far away” or say “what would anyone in Beaver know ’bout fine dining” – to that we scoff. The drive was just a little over half an hour away to the neighboring town of Bridgewater and we found that 1810 Tavern is serving exquisite meals in a cozy tavern dining room.

Pictures below are not only of our meals, but also of our friends who we joined for the occasion.  The waitstaff was great with suggestions and very attentive to our table, as well as her other tables in the bustling dining room.

The menu changes frequently, so I won’t go into too much detail as to the ingredients in each dish.  I will say that the pictures certainly do the meals justice.

Calamari served with chopsticks
Our friends passed around creatively served calamari
Smoked Salmon Tacos from 1810 Tavern
PghTasteBudA had Smoked Salmon Tacos as an appetizer
The entree for PghTasteBudA was a filet with sweet potato mash.
Lamb from 1810 Tavern
One friend had to have the lamb, and if you can believe it, it was tastier than it looks too!
Chilean Sea Bass
Pesto ravioli atop a beautiful cut of Chilean Sea Bass
Dessert at 1810 Tavern
Not sure how TasteBudA found room for this in his stomach, but he couldn't resist ordering dessert.

1810 Tavern has many reasons that it would be worth a visit, aside from the great food, the bar boasts a great beer selection and often has live entertainment.

We’d like to promote that fine dining does exist outside of Allegheny County and now is a wonderful time of the year to make the drive through the beautiful southwestern PA roads to visit 1810 Tavern.  Go. Do it.

For our wine dinner crowd, we absolutely loved the atmosphere and will be in talks with the event manager at the possibility of hosting a wine exchange in their private event space on the second floor.
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126 thoughts on “1810 Tavern in Bridgewater

  1. 1810 is one of my favorite places in the area. The food is amazing, and the owners are great. The new menu every week is awesome, but the staples are great, too. the Lobster Mac and Cheese is to die for, and any foody will love the fried cheesecake. You will not regret anything you try, or the short drive to Bridgewater. The venue is an original old building, and private events in the upstairs spaces are cozy and comfortable, depending on what you are looking for.

  2. Its about time people outside of this area learn what a great place 1810 Tavern is; delicious food with variety of beverages brought by people who truly love the place and people. In addition, they have special event nights where customers get to try and hear about different and wines and beers. I held a private party and was blown away by the food and service my guests received. Check it out people you will be oh so glad you did.

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