Subway Sub of the Month – August 2012

The Subway Sub of the Month for August 2012 is the Black Forest Ham, Egg and Cheese with Spinach.  This isn’t a revolutionary offering from Subway, but it does ensure that you can order breakfast all day long.  Do you have to get spinach on it? Not at my local Subway.  They’ll honor the $5 footlong price on any egg and ham combination you order.  The real question is what bread to get it on.  My suggestion is to order it on flatbread for that true breakfast taste, because it will be the most reminicient of an english muffin.

Want to make a “Skinny version” of this sandwich, try our pick:

  • Opt for Egg Whites instead of the traditional whole Egg.
  • Flatbread gives you a smidge of fiber, but Italian bread will save you 80 calories per footlong.
  • Skip the Cheese if you can stand it, or if you must, get shredded and ask for a half serving.

Plus, this month’s offering is perfect for all of the school students who will soon be returning to classes for the fall.  During August, while they are enjoying sleeping long hours into the afternoon.  No matter what hour they walk into their local Subway, they’ll be able to get a breakfast footlong for only $5.

Next Month, it appears Subway is going to go off-book and offer “$5 Footlong Faves”.  More details on exactly what that entails will hopefully be available before September 1st rolls around.


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