Great New Northside Event Space

Bistro Soul on UrbanspoonOur last wine exchange was not only amazing, but we also had the opportunity to “break in” a new event space on the Pittsburgh Northside.  After a late scheduling fall through with an alternate wine exchange location, we contacted Bistro Soul.  They are owned by the same owners as Bistro to Go which we have previously reviewed.

This event space is great.  The room is vibrant and has some real character.  The furniture varies as you go around the room.  We actually didn’t have enough people to fill the room and had a challenge deciding what area of the room to use.  We decided to use the pew-benches and antique-style chair area.

As for the food – we opted for an Americana-themed menu.  Country barbeque ribs, corn on the cob, a teryaki marinated chicken breast and stuffed garden peppers with strawberry sugared pecan salad and a summer fruit medley.  Dessert options were provided a la carte.  The meal was served buffet style which allowed attendees to select their own meal and portions.

The meal was excellent.  The people were excellent.  The space was excellent.  We are happy to say we would recommend this space to someone in the future.  We may even look to go back to host a benefit dinner in the future.

I realize this doesn’t give us much to say of the day-to-day food, but we created a custom menu for our event. Check out a Food Review from Beer, Bacon and Candy, some fellow Pittsburgh restaurant bloggers.


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