Hot Dogs with Zucchini

Summer Grilling: Hot dogs with Zucchini

This is our first posting on things we enjoy at home. To start off the summer right we decided to have 2 friends over for a small cook out. Chips, drinks, and of course hot dogs! But sometimes hot dogs alone need a little kick. To try something different, we decided to add grilled zucchini slices to the hot dogs – much like you’d add lettuce to a hamburger.

The menu:

  • Grilled hot dogs with zucchini strips
  • Baked Steak Fries
  • Grilled Veggie Mix: Diced zucchini, cherry tomatoes, and a cubanelle pepper bathed in a white wine, parsley flakes, light salt and pepper.
  • Regular potato chips and cheese flavored potato chips.

We started off cooking the hotdogs slowly on the grill with a layer of aluminum foil. At the same time Tastebud B put the veggie mix together in a pie plate and put those on the grill. We let those begin to cook then added thin sliced zucchini.

As everything started on the grill, we threw some steak fries in the oven. It just worked out that everything finished around the same time. It was good timing – for not planning it. The menu was a success and although it looked like we spent days planning it, it really was just thrown together. The zucchini slice with the hot dog was the biggest surprise taste of all. If you are a fan of zucchinis then i would recommend trying it. And the meal goes great with a nice summer beer!