$100,000 Pyramid with Michael Strayhan

Eyeballs, Maggots, Vomit, Blood – Things You Should Only Eat At Halloween

$100,000 Pyramid with Michael Strayhan

With a little creativity and ingenuity, you can scare the bejeezus out of anyone. Thanks to The Daily Meal, I have several new ideas of some Halloween foods that I’d have for my costumed guests this spirited season. I don’t know why Warlock Vomit seems to be appealing to me – especially served warm mixed with chicken on a puff pastry.

Looking for something fun to do at your Halloween party? Play a game where teams of three are each limited to using only one of their senses each – taste, touch, smell – and they have to guess the real and haunted foods you place before them.

Or break out your at-home copy of $100,000 Pyramid and play. Get it for Nintendo Wii

“Eyeballs, Maggots, Vomit, Blood – Things You Should Only Eat At Halloween”


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