Colangelo’s Rebounds

If you have been following the Pittsburgh TasteBuds, you may have seen this post about Colangelos from back in May 2010.  I have received comments and emails about this post and would like to say that I’ve ordered a couple times recently and with a more positive outcome.

On the previous review of Colangelo’s, Nicholas (who I believe to be one of the owners) posted this comment back to the review:

“As with the problem with your pizza, we now have the staff ask red or white, regardless of toppings; this change in protocol is a direct result of your review here on urban spoon. I hope you come back so we can change your mind.”

Colangelo's Bakery on UrbanspoonIn my orders since, the person did indeed specifically ask for the sauce type which is a welcome change.  And, though I do not sway easily, I can say I’ve ordered both a red and a white pizza since and have been well impressed.  For anyone that is going for Colangelo’s pizza, I recommend the following toppings based on your sauce preference (or in my case, mood):

  • With white sauce, chicken and artichoke topping.
  • With red sauce, sausage and portobello mushrooms


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