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Last night, TasteBud A and I met a couple friends and crossed the river into the South Hills for a change of pace. The Whiskey Hollow Grill had been getting great reviews on Urbanspoon so we decided it would be our next adventure.

I ordered the Salmon Fingers for an appetizer and the Chicken Chimichanga for my entree. The server recommended a margarita as her specialty so I went with that as well. In the words of Rachel Ray “Yum-o!”

Salmon Fingers: Fresh shrimp or salmon strips in a sweetened coconut breading, served with a ginger soy dipping sauce and our homemade voodoo sauce.

The Salmon Fingers were served with two different sauces. It was basically a nicely breaded piece of salmon made like a fish stick. TasteBud A enjoyed the special voodoo sauce. I preferred the ginger soy dipping sauce. I think this was a well priced appetizer. Only $4.95 and the pieces were moderately sized.

Chicken Chimichanga: Tender chicken breast cooked with garlic, onions, cheddar cheese and seasoned with southwest spices, rolled in a crisped tortilla and topped with cheddar cheese, tomato salsa, sour cream and double pepper sauce, served over shredded lettuce.

Exactly as described, the entree arrived and I almost regretted getting an appetizer because I was sure I would never finish my plate. The presentation of the dish was very appetizing – sometimes with Mexican dishes that is a challenge. The chicken was cooked superbly! It was shredded and arrived moist and tender inside the perfectly cooked tortilla. I wish there would have been a slightly thicker bed of lettuce under it. The crisp, cool raw lettuce was a nice balance but the serving size wasn’t proportional to the size of the chimichanga.

Oh, I finished my plate myself – only sharing one bite of the entree with Tastebud A. TasteBud A on the otherhand barely put a dent in his Pittsburgh Salad with Crispy Chicken. He said his salad tasted good, but was probably a safer item on the menu to order. I mean, really, who can mess up adding chicken tenders to a salad – haha.

All in all. I’d recommend the place. The service was friendly and prompt, but we really were one of the few customers there. Let us know if you try Whiskey Hollow out! I think next time, I may have to order the Seafood Chimichanga or the Fresh Salmon Gyro Salad.

Tastebud A here. I know Tastebud B pretty much gave you our whole experience but I wanted to give my 10 cents 🙂 I sampled some of Salmon Fingers that Tastebud B ordered, they were really good! It was full of flavor and the voodoo sauce was nice and creamy.

For Dinner I ordered the Pittsburgher Salad. You had a choice of steak, grilled or breaded chicken. I went with the breaded chicken and picked Ranch as my dressing. The salad was BIG! …which was a good thing! Mixed greens, tomatos, onion, mushrooms, cucumber, cheese, french fries and chicken. The whole thing was piled high. The waitress was smart and brought 2 cups of dressings.

The whole thing was great but I couldn’t finish. It was just a lot of food! Next time I’m going to be more exciting in my menu option. I’ve been a bit boring so I’ll switch things up a bit.

Thanks for reading everyone and hopes this helps!


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