China Taste

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Tastebud A here and all I have to say is one word about this place….Yuck!
This past Saturday, TastebudB and I were hanging out and decided to order some food. We ordered from China Taste on the Northside.
I ordered General Tso Chicken with Fried Rice. The Chicken had nice flavor, but the sauce was sweet…General Tso is suppose to be Spicy! If I wanted a sweet chicken meal I would have ordered a Sweet and Sour Chicken or something with Duck Sauce. The Rice was probably the worst part about it. It was white rice that may have had a yellow dye which gave it this neon yellow glow. It wasn’t the best and I have had much better Chinese take out (I will try again soon and post)
I honestly can’t remember what Tastebud B had…I know he had a sort of Chicken Veg. meal, maybe he will post his thoughts but I know we were both unhappy. We will do Chinese take out again someday and hopefully it will be a better experience. Tastebud B has yet to go to Chan’s Tea House in Westview. It is amazing. We will go there soon and post so we can direct everyone to a good place for Chinese Food.