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One day TasteBud A and I, TasteBud B, were looking to order a pizza to eat during a Steelers game and after he had a bad experience with Pizza Hut he suggested we order from Pasta Too. — Now, I have lived in Pittsburgh for a few years and always would drive passed Pasta Too on Federal Street and think “why is there a random Pasta restaurant on this block.” I enjoy pasta, but really shouldn’t be gorging on such carb-heavy meals. — So I replied that I didn’t want to have pasta. When he told me it was a pizza place, but he’d never eaten it, we decided to give it a shot.
We taste buds have something great in common, a constant craving for pizza.
Our order from Pasta Too:

one 8-cut Pizza with Sweet Peppers and Sausage

We picked it up and it was very reasonably priced at just under $10. The pizza was amazing. I almost didn’t want to be drink my beer because I wanted to savor the taste of the slightly sweet pizza sauce. Before we knew it, we had finished the pizza and the Steelers had won.
Although the football game was victorious, the pizza overshadowed the win and we now crave Pasta Too! We can’t wait to try other topping combinations now. The nearby Pizza Hut may have just lost our business forever …


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