My Pittsburgh Restaurant Week

Pittsburgh Restaurant Week is a celebration of restaurants in our community. The restaurants come together for one week to celebrate Pittsburghs dining scene, ethnic traditions, new dishes and each restaurants own unique qualities.  During this special week restaurants and their consumers come together for a Kickoff Party, blogger dinner, some amazing deals and eventually a closing party. With over 50 restaurant to chose from and not enough time and money to try all them I decided to be very selective with my options.

First, I had the privlige to attend the Kick Off Party at Mini of¬†Pittsburgh Dealership where I was able to indulge in free samples from many participating restaurants like Abay Ethiopian Cuisine, Alma Pan-Latin Kitchen, Hambone’s Pub (pulled pork), and Center Plate from McMurray, PA, just to name a few. While attending the Kick Off Party I had he opportunity to meet new people and make great new contacts.

A few days later Pittsburgh Restaurant Week hosted a blogger dinner at a local partcipating restaurant. This blogger dinner was at Alma Pan Latin Kitchen in Regent Square. This was a very exciting time for any of us food blogges because we had the opportunity to meet with the restaurant owners and truely have an understanding of what inspires them to own a restaurant and to have a successful Pan Latin restaurant in our part of the country.

Finally, I made it to restaurants like Bistro 19 in Mt. Lebanon, Hambone’s Pub in Lawrenceville, Nicky’s Thai Kitchen in Downtown Pittsburgh (not a participant, but a new restaurant for me) and finally Bocktown in Robinson Township. All of the restaurants did a great job with taking full advantage of Pittsburgh Restaurant Week and making it their own special week to provide all patrons with a dining experience that will bring them back again and again.

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