PhotoBlog: Brasserie 33

Brasserie 33 is a somewhat newer establishment on Ellsworth Ave in Shadyside. Thanks to a Groupon, we visited recently and had some mixed reviews. The atmosphere is lacking air conditioning, so be cautious about overly hot days when you’d want to enjoy a cool dinner. There is outside seating for warm days and likely provides a nice casual dinner experience. Our visit was during one of the latest heat waves, so we decided to dine indoors.

TasteBudA never turns down a chance for mussels, so it was clear that was on his menu. I decided to have the Frise Salad. We’ll let the pictures do the talking. Overall, it wasn’t a bad meal, but as a new establishment, I’d give them some time to work out some kinks.

The mussels were served with a side of frites. Some of the mussels were huge!
Sweet Bread
Something I wouldn’t normally order, but did enjoy. Though it looks heavy, it was more of a thin broth. As it turns out, I received the last of them.
Frise Salad
Other than the eggs, it was almost as if the salad was assembled upside down. All of the bacon was on the bottom.
House Salad
TasteBudA got the house salad with the balsamic vinaigrette.


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