Sweet Spot in Dormont

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In my opinion, small cafes and diners are establishments that bring a lot of character to any town.  Most of the time they are owned by a couple or family who wanted to bring a little something extra to the community where the towns people can meet a friend for lunch, drink a cup of coffee while reading the paper or even grab a snack for later. 

Dormont’s Potomac Ave. has this quality and with it, it has Sugar Cafe. 

Sugar Cafe is a cool little eat in or take out spot that has something for everyone.  Sandwiches, coffee, brownies, cookies, cupcakes and much more.  They even have a kids menu and do cakes for all occasions!
My visit to Sugar Cafe was very random.  I found them on urbanpsoon.com and figured I’d stop in to take something home for later.   I ended up taking home two Blueberry Muffins and two Chambord Cream Puffs.  The Muffin was nice and moist and very good with a cup of coffee, I then took a bite of the cream puff and it was delicious!  Probably one of the best cream puffs I’ve had in a long time.  After getting home and realizing how good the pastries were I am excited to go back for lunch! 
I highly recommend everyone in Pittsburgh to go try Sugar Cafe.