Team Trivia time at Mario’s South Side Saloon

Cow Tipper Burger at Mario’s South Side Saloon

Each Wednesday, Mario’s South Side Saloon plays host to Team Trivia. Last week, we went for the first time and had a blast. We didn’t win, but if we did, our pre-trivia meal would have been covered, since the first place receives Mario’s Gift Certificates.

Before trivia, I feasted on one of the burgers, the Cow Tipper. The cow tipper is a hamburger with avacado, red and banana peppers, cheddar and mozzarella cheeses. Despite not being asked how I wanted my burger cooked, it turned out medium-well. The burger was thick and difficult to get your mouth around, but each bite got a little of every ingredient for a consistant meal. I wish the avacado would have been on top of the burger instead of under it, because it left the bottom bun soft and mushy. The curly fries were a good choice for a side, especially seeing the sweet potato fries were soft and greesy (how, I don’t know). In the end, I was pleased and learned that I need to see more movies in order to compete in Team Trivia.

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