TasteBud Report: Food Ads of SuperBowl XLV

Other than the Volkswagon commercial featuring the little boy channeling the force, the food commercials were my favorites from SuperBowl XLV amongst the inundation of movie trailers and car commercials.  Perennial favorites of Pepsi, Bud Light, Doritos and Snickers were among the top five.  Coca-Cola was easily out shined by Pepsi, as Coke’s commercials this year were not appealing.  Check out the TasteBud Top Five.

#5 – Bud Light Dogsitter
Bud Light had several “just average” commercials that were clever, so they start off the countdown at number five.  They did this dog sitting video, in addition to one new home buyer one that also garnered a little chuckle.

#4 – Doritos: The Best Part
I wonder if this actually happened in the Doritos offices and they sparked a commercial from it.

#3 – Snickers 
Mars Company tried to out-wow the 2010 SuperBowl which catapulted Betty White back into the spotlight. This year watch Roseanne get leveled by a log.

#2 – Pepsi: Love Hurts
Classic style commercial which proves that pain can be a little funny.

#1 – Doritos – Pug Attack
This commercial had the room of watchers so engaged that this guy was going to make the cute dog run into the glass, it had us talking about the unpredictable ending.


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