Sunday Breakfast at Sauce

For a while now, I had seen the logo for Sauce, which didn’t exactly inspire me to want to try their food. However, after dining at this bar/restaurant this past Sunday, I think that people shouldn’t judge a place on it’s logo.

Sauce on UrbanspoonUrbanspoon’s Android App led us to Sauce on Sunday, which sported a rating in the upper scales of other south hills breakfast options. Seeing the specials board and the bar-like atmosphere, I had to resist my urge to order a bloody mary. For breakfast, I ordered the Saucy Egg Sandwich while TasteBudA ordered the Sauce Hot Cakes with Apple Pecan topping.
Bridgeville Beignets & Scones
As a precursor to our entree, I ordered the Bridgeville Beignets & Scones, I thought were a great compliment to our coffees and a steal for $4.
Saucy Egg Sandwich, TasteBudB
My sandwich was great. I’ve never seen a restaurant approach an egg sandwich like a hamburger, but I dig it! Served on a pretzel roll, this egg sandwich had both cheese and bacon topped with lettuce and tomato. My only comment to the waitress after eating was I wish I’d have thought to ask for a slice of raw onion to add to the sandwich. Based on the menu item names, it appears they even enjoy calling things that don’t have a sauce “Saucy,” perhaps going for irony.
Saucy Hot Cakes, with Apple Pecan topping
TasteBudA said his meal was okay, but felt the stack pancake was heavy and the apples should have been cooked more to soften them. He didn’t find it overly exciting, but didn’t complain too much either.
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Looking for Pittsburgh’s Best Gyro!

Everyone has their favorite food and where to find it.  Who makes it the best? Who has the best deal a long with taste?  This Month, we are going to go out and find Pittsburgh’s Best Gyro!  But we need some help! Tell us where you think has the best Gyro and we will go give it a try.  Please send us your suggestions by Sunday May 15th, 2011  and we will add them to the list to our Gyro Contest. 

Suggestions can be made on our Facebook page or right here on the website. Locations already added are:

My Big Fat Greek Gyro (Mt. Lebanon) on Urbanspoon

Mike & Tony's Gyros & Shish on Urbanspoon

Kassab's on Urbanspoon

Salim's on Urbanspoon

Pita Pit on Urbanspoon

This is going to be a fun contest with in the Pittsburgh Tastebuds.  We will make sure to do our own research but we are really trying to leave this up to our readers and members on where to go.

May the Best Gyro Win!

Lawrenceville Restaurant Week 2011

Lawrenceville’s finest dining establishments will welcome diners to Lawrenceville Restaurant Week, August 1-7, 2011. The week-long dining celebration presented by The Pittsburgh TasteBuds will feature both lunch and dinner specials at participating restaurants.

As a part of the Pittsburgh Restaurant Week program, Lawrenceville Restaurant Week will showcase the diverse dining options in the Lawrenceville community. The Pittsburgh TasteBuds invite restaurants from throughout Lawrenceville community to participate. Participating restaurants, chefs and menus will be featured on a Restaurant Week Web site, and the week will be heavily promoted throughout the region.

For more information, go to The site will list all of the participating restaurants, featured menus, and reservation information. Stay connected with the Pittsburgh Restaurant Week Program through Facebook or as a Twitter follower.

Lawrenceville Restaurant Week is the recipient of a Community Event Microgrant from the Lawrenceville Corporation’s Mainstreets Pittsburgh program, a program of the Urban Redevelopment Authority which is funded in part by the City of Pittsburgh, Mayor Luke Ravenstahl, and the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development.

Pittsburgh TasteBuds Discover Cottage Fries in Columbus

Ever heard of cottage fries?  We hadn’t either until we went to Columbus and visited the Press Grill on High Street in the Short North.  After a long, enjoyable weekend, we ventured out one last time for lunch on a Sunday afternoon in Columbus.  For those that have never been to the city before, the downtown area is fairly dead, so if you want any sort of lively interaction you should head to some of the outlying neighborhoods just outside of downtown.  
At the Press Grill, we learned that cottage fries are potatoes that have been baked, cooled, sliced into coins and then again fried, which makes for a very different fry than those we call “french.”  Such a simple, yet timely preparation, is something I will likely try to repeat at home sometime, hopefully with the same results.

Press Grill, as a restaurant, is much more affordable than some of the surrounding restaurants, but has just as much character.  It’s probably more of a bar and grill as a very long counter top bar stretches the length of the restaurant with several high-top tables along the opposite wall.

I believe TasteBudA’s burger was good, though he too was very hungry and didn’t make much small talk once the food arrived.  My turkey reuben was very tasteful and stacked high with meat.  My apologies for only half of the sandwich making the picture, I had missed breakfast and started eating pre-photoshoot.

Press Grill on UrbanspoonThe relaxed atmosphere, however, spilled over into the waitstaff who apparently all wait on all the tables and don’t communicate to either other.  Nor do they have a problem airing their dirty laundry within earshot of patrons.  But I guess, that’s why this is more of a pub, than a formal restaurant.  Perhaps this is something only the Sunday afternoon staff do.  It makes me wonder if when they are much more busy they act more professionally.

Overall, I found it to be a great experience for the value.  We both had lunch for less than $10, which was a great low-key ending to an otherwise exciting weekend vacation.

Vincent’s of Greentree in Greentree

I used to go to a lot of Pittsburgh Pirates baseball games.  Over the past several years that has subsided and I spend my money patronizing Pittsburgh’s restaurants.  Several years ago when I first started going to Pirates games regularly, Vincents of Greetree used to be a vendor in the left field corner of the ball park.  Now, I never personally stopped in there, but I did see several pizzas leave the mini-restaurant under the left field bleachers, so I assumed that was what they served.  Apparently it is not the case.  Recently TasteBudA and I went to Greentree Borough to try out Vincents of Greentree.  Located just off the Parkway West across from the WDVE building, we were welcomed and I found that Vincent’s is much more than just pizza.

I got the “Colt,” an Italian hoagie with pepperoni, hot peppers, lettuce, tomato, onion, and house dressing.  The hoagie was toasted well and I couldn’t finish it after my plentiful house salad, I had as a precursor to the sandwich.  Pepperoni adds some pizazz to the traditional Italian hoagie.  And you’d think the chef was a reader of this blog or knew me personally, because I enjoyed the hot peppers on the sandwich was well.  The only fault – and this is with hoagies in general – I wish the bun could stay intact until I am finished eating.  The meal as a whole was nice, with nothing special except the peppers.

Vincent's of Greentree on UrbanspoonOverall, the food was good in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.  Hopefully my next adventure to Vincent’s will be warm enough to use the beautiful deck attached to the building.
P.S. They do serve pizza, and I bet it’s wonderful.

Brighten your morning at Northstar Cafe

Northstar Cafe (Short North) on UrbanspoonNorth Star Cafe is located in the Short North section of Columbus and offers a very holistic approach to food.  The creative menu options and fresh ingredients shine in this popular dining spot.

Due to the chilly weather, we opted to sit inside which has a very coffeehouse kind of feel to it.  After placing our orders at the counter, I was quickly served with my fresh squeezed orange juice and we proceeded to find one of the only open tables.

 My breakfast was very different – not a typical breakfast.  It was the Big Burrito, which contains egg, sweet potato, black beans and some fresh herbs.  After stuffed and slightly grilled, the wrap is cut in half and served with some salsa.

TasteBudA ordered a Cowboy Breakfast.  Now, Pittsburghers, this breakfast may not look like it stacks up to the big breakfast options around our city, but TasteBudA finished all but one strip of bacon and gave up.  Perhaps it was the Michigan black cheery preserves on his big biscuit or the Strawberry smoothie that filled him up – either way, he left a very happy camper.

Northstar Cafe on the Short North is one of several lcoations in Columbus.  Check out more about them at