Looking for Pittsburgh’s Best Gyro!

Everyone has their favorite food and where to find it.  Who makes it the best? Who has the best deal a long with taste?  This Month, we are going to go out and find Pittsburgh’s Best Gyro!  But we need some help! Tell us where you think has the best Gyro and we will go give it a try.  Please send us your suggestions by Sunday May 15th, 2011  and we will add them to the list to our Gyro Contest. 

Suggestions can be made on our Facebook page or right here on the website. Locations already added are:

My Big Fat Greek Gyro (Mt. Lebanon) on Urbanspoon

Mike & Tony's Gyros & Shish on Urbanspoon

Kassab's on Urbanspoon

Salim's on Urbanspoon

Pita Pit on Urbanspoon

This is going to be a fun contest with in the Pittsburgh Tastebuds.  We will make sure to do our own research but we are really trying to leave this up to our readers and members on where to go.

May the Best Gyro Win!

7 thoughts on “Looking for Pittsburgh’s Best Gyro!

  1. I also LOVE Leena's, they always seem to put a lot more meat on the gyro compared to others i've had.

  2. Mike and Tony’s downtown has always been my favorite gyro, their cucumber sauce is radtacular.

  3. I’m Just adding that Nicks on Benton Avenue in Brighton Heights is my favorite GYRO ! Maybe a add of Feta would set this off over the chart. I make special stops to eat the NICKS gyro.

  4. Mike and Tony’s has an awesome new location in Bridgeville too. Same great gyros, but even better American craft beer selection!

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