Our Favorite Pittsburgh Restaurant Is …

Whenever you tell someone you are a food blogger, the most common question you get in return is “What is your favorite restaurant?

We have restaurants that produce our favorite dishes, but not an overall favorite restaurant.  It is simply too hard to decide.  There are restaurants that satisfy certain cravings, others that are best at their cuisine and some that we frequent for their changing menus.

Here’s some of our favorite dishes and the restaurant’s that earned a “TasteBud’s Favorite” accolade.

TasteBud’s Favorite Pierogi – James Street Gastropub

For an appetizer, TasteBudA ordered the pierogis and found them to be extraordinary. It was easy to tell that they were fresh, never frozen, though it wasn’t clear if they were truly homemade. What set them apart was the carmelized onions and infused sour cream that covered them. It was a great combination of flavors and has earned TasteBudA’s honor of being the best he’s ever eaten. Read Full Review

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