September 23, 2023

Baking in Bellevue

Lincoln Avenue is the main drag in the small town of Bellevue, which is just north of downtown Pittsburgh.   One will find all sorts of shops, restaurants, a few churches and a long standing bakery called Lincoln Bakery.

I have personally been going to Lincoln Bakery since I can remember and I wanted to pay them tribute.   I went to get the family some treats for the evening.  My selection was two sugar, two glazed, two chocolate glazed on white, two jelly filled and two fruit danishes.  I highly recommend the glazed and their fruit danishes, both are perfect with a cup of coffee or a glass of milk.   I’ve also had their cakes in the past.  You can purchase a cake for any special event you are holding.

Lincoln Bakery also has a nice bread and cookie selection.  You will always see fresh baked breads behind the counter and cookies of all sorts in the front window cases.  I did notice a few black ‘n gold cookies ready for upcoming Steelers parties for the playoffs.

I decided to have my glazed danish with my 3p.m. coffee it really fit the bill.   The next time you have a sweet tooth or want to have a cake made for your next party, give Lincoln Bakery a call, they will out shine Bethel Bakery!
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One thought on “Baking in Bellevue

  1. I love Lincoln Bakery, too. I just bought the most adorable Steeler cupcakes there. They look like Polamalu!

    I love the old fashioned feel of this bakery, also. It's the best.

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