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Square Cafe on UrbanspoonTasteBud B told me he’d never been to Square Cafe before, so I decided to share the experience with him.  We were fortunate to be seated right away because it is a weekend morning hotspot, especially when the weather cooperates and there is outside seating.

I had a very delicious crepe with brie inside, drizzled with honey and covered with fresh fruit.  Very light flavors, but a filling meal.  The food was excellent and the service was great.  Square Cafe put some thought into this dish too – instead of the typical heavy fruit syrup, the honey was sweet and light.  The fruit was very fresh.  Compared to a few weekends ago when TasteBud B chose the better meal at Bistro To Go, today I seemed more pleased with my meal.

TasteBud B went with a very hearty breakfast with some very creative flavors – at least on the menu.  What hit the plate was a slightly different story.  The Square Breakfast with chicken apple sausage, oatmeal raisin pancakes, and scrambled eggs.  The eggs were cooked perfect – and needed no additional seasoning or condiment.  Unfortunately the sausage was dry and the pancake, as you can see was covered in both powdered sugar and a whipped topping.  The whipped topping melted into a milky mess on top of the hot pancake and he just ended up pushing it off to the side.  It was as if the pancake wasn’t cooked completely.  Much like a par-cooked cookie, the middle was a little doughy, which only added to the heaviness of the pancake.

On a bright note, his Cafe Americano was well brewed and only $1.80!  Oh, and how can I forget my Caramel Latte which was phenomenal.  The atmosphere was young and bright.  Great for a morning breakfast spot on a spring day.

Square Cafe on Groupon, March 27, 2011

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