Subway Sub of the Month – Oven Roasted Chicken with Spinach

Chicken and Spinach is the June 2012 Subway $5 Featured Footlong
Chicken and Spinach is the June 2012 Subway $5 Featured Footlong

Subway is keeping it simple for June 2012. The $5 Featured Footlong for this month is the Oven Roasted Chicken with Spinach sandwich. While this doesn’t spark a lot of excitement in my taste buds, it is likely a very strategic selection for Subway.

Based on the pricing at some of the local Pittsburgh-area Subway locations, the Oven Roasted Chicken is already a $5 Regular Footlong, so the fact that it is being marketed as the Feature Footlong when you add spinach is where I feel this month is a local flop for the $5 special.

Hand-crafted Subway Sub
Try your Chicken and Spinach sandwich toasted - with the spinach put through the toasting oven too!

Trying to make something of it, I got my sandwich toasted when I did my taste test and tried something that has never been done before – according to the sandwich artist that crafted my sandwich. I had the spinach added to the sandwich prior to toasting. Sure the spinach wilted a little, but the moisture of the chicken gave the spinach a “steamed” effect and was actually quite delicious.

However, this month also marks the comeback for the popular Avacado add-on that was such a success previously. I know that many locations had a hard time keeping the Smokehouse BBQ Chicken in stock. Maybe this will mark the beginning of the $5 falling to the wayside despite the catchy jingle which made it what it is today. “Five. Five. Five Dollar Foot Long …. ”

Up next for July – everyone’s favorite: Buffalo Chicken!

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