Subway Sub of the Month – November 2011

The November 2011 $5 Featured Footlong is the Chicken Marinara Melt.  This Sub of the Month made its debut about 2 years ago along with the Chicken Cordon Bleu Melt, but seems to have prevailed over it’s “sister” sandwich. 

This is personally not my favorite option on the Subway menu, as it is basically a meatball sub made with the oven roasted chicken breasts instead.  You’ll notice that this month there is no photo of the sandwich, and that is because I don’t think the sandwich would travel well to-go.  Even with toasted bread, I have found in my previous experience of covering a sub in marinara sauce that it gets soggy quickly.  However, if you can eat it while it’s hot, there is a lot of taste that can be had. 

If you want to have something hot, cheesy and saucy as we head into the winter months, here are a couple ordering suggestions:

  1. Have them toast the chicken, cheese and bread before adding the marinara.  This will give you some extra time to eat before the bread gets soggy from the marinara.
  2. Think carefully about your cheeses.  Do you really want to up the sodium and fat content by adding parmesan cheese?
  3. Choose any veggies wisely.  Some veggies, like olives and pickles don’t maintain the same, briny flavor once you warm them, so be sure you know what you’re in for before you ask for too many on your sandwich. 

In addition to the $5 Featured Footlong, Subway is trying to get us to scrape our frosty November windshields and get our Subway fix before 9am.

For the month of November, Get a FREE 6″ sandwich with the purchase of any 6″ sandwich (of equal or lesser value). Their website indicates that the full menu of Subway subs should be available for purchase before 9am.

So perhaps, instead of stopping into your local coffee shop for a breakfast sandwich and a espresso, you should try out a Subway six-inch breakfast sandwich and get a second six-inch sandwich to go for lunch. Choose wisely though, as some sandwiches may not hold up (or hold together) in taste.

I recommend avoiding tomatoes, vinegar or mayonaise from your sandwich. Or if you are awake enough to remember as you stumble through the Subway door so early in the morning, try asking for your dressing on the side so you can add it to your lunch sandwich when the time comes.


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