Arsenal Cider House and Wine Cellar

When driving down 39th Street in historic Lawrenceville,PA you wouldn’t know that you drove past a cider house and wine cellar, but by slowing down and looking near Allegheny Arsenal, you will see an old historic home on 300 39th Street called the Arsenal Cidar House and Wine Cellar.   Their website states: “Our missions is to bring high quality, small batch, artisan crafted adult beverages in a historic nostalgic atmospher.”

This in fact may be true, but I find it to be much more.   This is more than a place that wine or cider is made and produced, but its history.  Arsenal addresses the Civil War in the way of drink by naming their products after the civil war.  When you walk into the Arsenal it smells of a rustic time but has been repolished and fixed up.  You will be able to sample different ciders and wine and there are even books to purchase about the Allegheny Arsenal and the Civil War.  Its a great tribute to wine, cidar, American history and Western Pennsylvania. 

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  1. In addition to a great sampling of wines and ciders, they also offer sorbets. If you are looking for something to do in the summer, walk the Arsenal and stop in the Cider House for a cool sorbet treat.

    We also welcome Ciders at our Wine Exchanges. Might anyone want to bring one to our next one in February?

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