Holiday E-cards, do they offer the same sentiment?

The holidays are upon us and I haven’t sent out any Christmas cards yet.  Mainly because I was hoping to take a photo and do photo cards.  Within Christmas only a few postal-mail days away, I’m looking at possibly doing holiday e-cards.  But will the recipients really enjoy them or even open them?

Here are the e-card companies I’m considering either going a humorous route, like Funny Holiday eCards or a more serious route using American Greetings.

BUT – which type of card would you rather receive?

I can see both sides of this up-and-coming Christmas craze.  As people get busier with their lives and more married to their technologies, they want to do more and more online. Here are the pros and cons that I see with e-cards.


  • Easy.  
    Why write out all the cards, when you can type a message and copy and paste.
  • Affordable.
    US postage continues to rise and the cost to send cards to everyone increases with it.
  • Eco-friendly
    Why kill all those trees and glitter-fairies (or wherever glitter comes from) just to make a card.

  • Sentimental Value
    I’m a kid, I like opening gifts.  Once you reach a certain age, with some friends, the Christmas card IS the gift.  
  • Older Generations Left Out
    Sure, Mom and Dad may have the internet, but does Grandma?  Just because she doesn’t have a computer, doesn’t mean you should leave her out.

I have the weekend to think it over before I reach my deadline of using the postal mail to deliver Christmas cards.  I’m interested to hear other reactions though.  Feel free to comment on this post or Twitter your response to @PghTasteBudB.

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