Wine Exchange FAQs

What is a Wine Exchange?
Much like your typical gift exchange, you bring a wrapped or bagged bottle of wine.  There is no set price range for the wine, but it is typically recommended to be around $15 so that the recipients are getting a wine of similar quality that they are gifting.
Do I have to bring two bottles?
You don’t have to.  But we recommend it.  Because of the format of the exchanges, we don’t always get to opening the gifted bottles until partially through the evening.  Therefore, we recommend
What is corkage?
Corkage is the discretionary fee (approx. $2.50 – $10) that an establishments chooses to charge to open each bottle.  This doesn’t mean you should just open it yourself though.  Corkage includes the service for providing you a wine glass as well.  As a bonus, some places will offer to chill certain wines upon request.
Not every restaurant charges a corkage fee for groups of our size.  More often, we are charged a flat per person fee for the group, approx. $1-5 per person.
Please drink responsibly.