Crystal Bonsai Sushi, “Bonsai Grill”

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Looking for dinner Crystal City? Venture outside of the Crystal City shops and across Route 1 along 23rd Street South for a series of diverse restaurant options.
On my most recent work travel to Crystal City, I had the pleasure of traveling with another co-worker that I had never met in person before, so I was happy to take the time to have a sit down dinner with her and get to know one another. Not knowing what she’d be in the mood for, I directed us down to the 23 St S block where we decided on sushi. (Which is a treat for me, because TasteBudA doesn’t care for sushi). To our amazement, we were seated immediately and our night began.
Sushi Boat for only $42
The Bonsai Grill staff were attentive and the sushi boat really is plenty of food for two people. Though, we didn’t know that upon ordering so we piled an additional Spider Roll onto the order. We wished for a more diverse wine selection, though became agreeable to the Yellowtail wine that is their standard (and only) option.
Our pre-sushi course

Dinner was very nice and I spent time not only getting to know a new co-worker, but also someone I can truly call a friend.

Texas Tommy is from DC?

With a full weekend of sightseeing under our belt and some bowling as well, Sunday brunch was upon us and we wanted to try a local joint in Alexandria, VA close to the hotel. Table Talk was where my Urbanspoon Android app suggested, and at just 4 blocks away, we were game for it.

A little while ago, we were watching TV and found a special on diners. Table Talk happened to also offer a dish that was from the show. (On the show, it was a dish from PA). Anyway, I felt adventurous and went for THE TEXAS TOMMY (View another description here). It is a hot dog stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon. (Bye bye diet).

The combination was interesting. I believe it was deep fried, which left the hot dog kid of tasteless. Overall, I’m glad I tried it, but not going to go out of my way to do it again. The fries that came with it were basically poorly made McDonald’s fries, so they didn’t win me over either.
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Skyline Dining at Vantage Point

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Work has had me traveling to DC every so often.  On my most recent trip, I stayed at the Holiday Inn in Rosslyn, VA.  Rosslyn is a cute little part of Arlington with a lot of great options for social and work activities.  After a long day at work, I didn’t feel like venturing too far for dinner.  As a Priority Club member of Holiday Inn, I was given a 20% off coupon for Vantage Point – the hotel’s top-floor restaurant.  I figured with 20% off, the dinner couldn’t break the bank.

My meal was amazing.  I ordered Roasted Red Pepper and Crab Soup, Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich and Crunchy Apple Top Custard Pie.  Here’s a breakdown of my meal:

Roasted Red Pepper and Crab Soup
The soup came out and it wasn’t quite what I had pictured in my mind – and I don’t mean that in a bad way.  It was larger than I anticipated and I immediately regretted ordering dessert.  The soup was delectable.  There was crab chunks in the crab sound.  The two soups married together well because they were of the exact same consistency.  It feel like I was eating a ying-yang soup.
I wonder how they plated the soup.  Squeeze bottles?

Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich
Another generous portion of food was placed in front of me as my entrée.  I actually didn’t even finish it.  The chicken itself was chargrilled, tender and juicy.  So juicy in fact, that the bun it sat on got soggy.  The fries that accompanied it were very under-seasoned.
I’d recommend a different bun that could stand up to the chicken better.  Perhaps a nice foccia?

Crunchy Top Apple Custard Pie
The dessert was rich and tasteful.  The crunchy top was my favorite part.  The middle of the pie was a smooth custard that your fork just slide through.  I tried to take a picture of this masterpiece, but my camera phone failed me.

The service was wonderful.  But I’m sure that I was biased having my 20% off coupon.  If I stay in the same hotel again, I may need to use my Priority Club discount and go again.  (You actually get free breakfast buffets in the mornings too!)