Subway Sub of the Month – August 2012

The Subway Sub of the Month for August 2012 is the Black Forest Ham, Egg and Cheese with Spinach.  This isn’t a revolutionary offering from Subway, but it does ensure that you can order breakfast all day long.  Do you have to get spinach on it? Not at my local Subway.  They’ll honor the $5 footlong price on any egg and ham combination you order.  The real question is what bread to get it on.  My suggestion is to order it on flatbread for that true breakfast taste, because it will be the most reminicient of an english muffin.

Want to make a “Skinny version” of this sandwich, try our pick:

  • Opt for Egg Whites instead of the traditional whole Egg.
  • Flatbread gives you a smidge of fiber, but Italian bread will save you 80 calories per footlong.
  • Skip the Cheese if you can stand it, or if you must, get shredded and ask for a half serving.

Plus, this month’s offering is perfect for all of the school students who will soon be returning to classes for the fall.  During August, while they are enjoying sleeping long hours into the afternoon.  No matter what hour they walk into their local Subway, they’ll be able to get a breakfast footlong for only $5.

Next Month, it appears Subway is going to go off-book and offer “$5 Footlong Faves”.  More details on exactly what that entails will hopefully be available before September 1st rolls around.

Subway Sub of the Month – July 2012

The summer’s heating up and for July 2012 the Subway $5 Featured Footlong is the Buffalo Chicken.  With the midsummer classic right around the corner, trade off those wings for a buffalo chicken sandwich while you can get it for only five dollars.

I still wish the Orchard Chicken Salad could have made a triumphant return, but as a TasteBud who is big on spicy, the buffalo chicken sandwich hits the right notes on my palette. 

What should you top a buffalo chicken sandwich with?  Everything! But if you want your mouth to fit around it, here are the top 3 recommendations:

(1) Spinach – because it is heartier than lettuce to stand up to the sauce and packs more nutrients.
(2) Green peppers – because it will give you a similar crunch like celery or carrots reminscent of having hot wings.
(3) Pickles – a briny pickle compliments the spicy buffalo sauce with a new flavor.

Now the big question: toasted or not toasted?  This is a matter of preference.  Toasting will avoid some of the sogginess that the buffalo sauce could inflict on the bun if the sandwich wasn’t made to be eaten right away.  In general, I only toast buffalo chicken if I am taking the sandwich to go.  As long as I am eating in, I leave it untoasted because I like prefer not to lose the freshness of the subway roll.


Subway Sub of the Month – Oven Roasted Chicken with Spinach

Chicken and Spinach is the June 2012 Subway $5 Featured Footlong
Chicken and Spinach is the June 2012 Subway $5 Featured Footlong

Subway is keeping it simple for June 2012. The $5 Featured Footlong for this month is the Oven Roasted Chicken with Spinach sandwich. While this doesn’t spark a lot of excitement in my taste buds, it is likely a very strategic selection for Subway.

Based on the pricing at some of the local Pittsburgh-area Subway locations, the Oven Roasted Chicken is already a $5 Regular Footlong, so the fact that it is being marketed as the Feature Footlong when you add spinach is where I feel this month is a local flop for the $5 special.

Hand-crafted Subway Sub
Try your Chicken and Spinach sandwich toasted - with the spinach put through the toasting oven too!

Trying to make something of it, I got my sandwich toasted when I did my taste test and tried something that has never been done before – according to the sandwich artist that crafted my sandwich. I had the spinach added to the sandwich prior to toasting. Sure the spinach wilted a little, but the moisture of the chicken gave the spinach a “steamed” effect and was actually quite delicious.

However, this month also marks the comeback for the popular Avacado add-on that was such a success previously. I know that many locations had a hard time keeping the Smokehouse BBQ Chicken in stock. Maybe this will mark the beginning of the $5 falling to the wayside despite the catchy jingle which made it what it is today. “Five. Five. Five Dollar Foot Long …. ”

Up next for July – everyone’s favorite: Buffalo Chicken!

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Subway Sub of the Month – May 2012

Subway Sub of the Month - May 2012
Subway's $5 Featured Footlong for May 2012 is the Pizza Sub.

The Subway Sub of the Month for May 2012  is the Pizza Sub.

While I am glad Subway is cycling through their arsenal of ingredients to offer different sandwiches as a special, I am sad that they have gone with another served-warm sub.  I was hoping the Orchard Chicken Salad would make a return as a featured footlong this May like it was in 2011.

Next up for June 2012 – The Oven Roasted Chicken Sub.

Subway Sub of the Month – Jalapeno Tuna – March 2012

After several uncreative months of Subway $5 Footlong specials, Subway is forging back into the creative spotlight with a new offering in March 2012.  Following Febru-any, when you can get any (non-premium) footlong for the special price of $5, it’s time to spice things up with a spicy jalapeno tuna sandwich.

Spring is right around the corner and as the weather begins to heat up, so should your taste buds.  Excited to see a new combination from Subway, I’m curious to see if they are going to simply use their existing tuna sandwich and just suggest the canned jalapenos as a topping.  I sure hope not.  The exciting part to me would be if the tuna was actually infused with fresh jalapenos – yes, fresh.  The soggy canned jalapenos don’t make my heart pitter patter, because I tend to get them on my Subway subs anyway.

After some brief online research, I’ve found that jalapeno tuna isn’t a brand new idea.  In fact, there is an off the shelf product in select marketplaces which already combines these two flavors – StarKist Autentico Tuna in Oil with Jalapenos, delicious select cuts of premium tuna packed in oil with flavorful jalapeno and red bell peppers for a bold and spicy kick.

In just over a week, we’ll find out what Subway really has up their sleeve.  Hopefully they go above my expectations and use some fresh jalapenos, even if for a limited time only.

Subway Sub of the Month – November 2011

The November 2011 $5 Featured Footlong is the Chicken Marinara Melt.  This Sub of the Month made its debut about 2 years ago along with the Chicken Cordon Bleu Melt, but seems to have prevailed over it’s “sister” sandwich. 

This is personally not my favorite option on the Subway menu, as it is basically a meatball sub made with the oven roasted chicken breasts instead.  You’ll notice that this month there is no photo of the sandwich, and that is because I don’t think the sandwich would travel well to-go.  Even with toasted bread, I have found in my previous experience of covering a sub in marinara sauce that it gets soggy quickly.  However, if you can eat it while it’s hot, there is a lot of taste that can be had. 

If you want to have something hot, cheesy and saucy as we head into the winter months, here are a couple ordering suggestions:

  1. Have them toast the chicken, cheese and bread before adding the marinara.  This will give you some extra time to eat before the bread gets soggy from the marinara.
  2. Think carefully about your cheeses.  Do you really want to up the sodium and fat content by adding parmesan cheese?
  3. Choose any veggies wisely.  Some veggies, like olives and pickles don’t maintain the same, briny flavor once you warm them, so be sure you know what you’re in for before you ask for too many on your sandwich. 

In addition to the $5 Featured Footlong, Subway is trying to get us to scrape our frosty November windshields and get our Subway fix before 9am.

For the month of November, Get a FREE 6″ sandwich with the purchase of any 6″ sandwich (of equal or lesser value). Their website indicates that the full menu of Subway subs should be available for purchase before 9am.

So perhaps, instead of stopping into your local coffee shop for a breakfast sandwich and a espresso, you should try out a Subway six-inch breakfast sandwich and get a second six-inch sandwich to go for lunch. Choose wisely though, as some sandwiches may not hold up (or hold together) in taste.

I recommend avoiding tomatoes, vinegar or mayonaise from your sandwich. Or if you are awake enough to remember as you stumble through the Subway door so early in the morning, try asking for your dressing on the side so you can add it to your lunch sandwich when the time comes.

Subway Sub of the Month – Name Your Own Sub

All October Subway will have ANY Regular FOOTLONG for $5. Starting at 7am, enjoy all your faves from the supremely satisfying Steak & Cheese to the zesty Italian B.M.T. Don’t miss out – visit a SUBWAY restaurant and get your $5 flavor on. [ANYtober]

So, if you can have any Subway sandwich and make your own “Sub of the Month” what will it be?  Will you go for the fullest flavor or the nutritionally healthy?

More to come on some personal recommendations!

Subway Oven Crisp Chicken – Not So Crispy

Despite my excitement for the Oven Crisp Chicken, I am sorry to say it did not live up to my expectations. I did the best I could to photograph the most appetizing view of the sandwich too, but it was a lost cause.

The oven crisp conceptually is a great idea – get those people that like the breaded crispiness of fried chicken to replace it with a Subway Fresh Fit sub. Well, thee chicken was breaded but it wasn’t crispy. For me, it fell short enough for me to consider it a glorified soggy chicken patty with copious Subway veggies.

As a fan of the oven roasted chicken Fresh Fit sub, I also have to wonder how the breaded chicken stacks up nutritionally. Well, other than being about 6g of fat, sadly it doesn’t.

Oven Crisp 6″ sub: 420 cal / 6.7g fat / 67g carb / 13g sugar / 23g protein
Oven Roasted 6″ sub: 320 cal / 5g fat / 48g carb / 8g sugar / 23g protein

I predict this sub to have a short run on the Subway menu unless changes are made to actually give me a crispy, crunch in the sub. I may even sacrafice the Fresh Fit designation for taste! Then, maybe I will support this sub more.