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Giorgio’s Place

This sit down pizza place on Western Ave of the Northside offers a simple, but delicious menu. We will caution that the restaurant is cash-only, but there is a 7-Eleven with an… Read Article →

War Street Buzz

Pittsburgh’s Mexican War Street is a town on its own.  And a lot of towns have it’s local bars, restaurants and places for the community to hang out and relax.  Well, the… Read Article →

China Taste

Tastebud A here and all I have to say is one word about this place….Yuck! This past Saturday, TastebudB and I were hanging out and decided to order some food. We ordered… Read Article →

Pasta Too

One day TasteBud A and I, TasteBud B, were looking to order a pizza to eat during a Steelers game and after he had a bad experience with Pizza Hut he suggested… Read Article →

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