Close your eyes at Mullin’s Diner, you might enjoy the food

imageLet’s be real for a second. Pittsburgh is a blue-collar town with some pretty cultures that still honor the older times. For some reason, on an absolute whim, I decided to go to Mullin’s Diner one morning for a late breakfast. Luckily I was with two friends, if I were with TasteBudA, I’m sure he would have insisted we turn around before even sitting down.  Walking in, you feel like you are eating in a Pep Boys next to the guy changing your oil.  It isn’t overly clean or inviting, but after 3 steps into the door none of us felt like turning back now.

It seems like a place overrun with regulars.  As we walked in, it felt like all eyes were on us.  The waitress was surprised that we needed to look at a menu – literally 1 menu.  That’s all we got between the 3 of us.  After the shoddy service and atmosphere lowered the bar so low, it was a welcoming surprise that our food was pretty good.  Though I’d have been scared to look into the kitchen the prepared our food, the eggs, sausage and homefries that I ordered were hot and didn’t need seasoned. My friends equally enjoyed their cheesy eggs with toast and cheeseburger with fries.  Looking at the burger – sure it looks rough – but it was clearly hand-pressed and cooked to temp.  I’d probably return and get one of those to go.  Eating a nice burger on the grassy northshore might hit the spot one of these days.


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Valliant’s Diner

With the Steelers on a bye week, there was no need for one of our “football game lunches” so we decided that we would go out for a late breakfast in the North Hills. Not being a native to Pittsburgh, I’m not sure I would have ever known that Valliant’s Diner existed. It is a cute little diner on Babcock Blvd with a classic diner charm. It isn’t very big inside, but it sure has a lot of character.

In traditional breakfast fashion, we each ordered an omelette – TasteBud A got the tomato and cheese, I got the everything omelette. We also got a side order of homefries.

The coffee was a little lackluster, but I prefer my coffee strong. The homefries were good as were both of our omelettes. At one point during the meal I noted that I wish there was some meat in my omelette, considering they call it “everything”. One complaint I had was the use of American cheese in the omelette and the amount of it. It was a little runny in spots. It wouldn’t have been my first option for cheese, but it did the trick. In most instances, I would pay extra if I could have an alternate option.

After ordering, Tastebud A noticed a specials menu that the waitress never mentioned. The Montana Omelette. I wish I would have noticed it beforehand.

Maybe it was the atmosphere, the inexpensive price or the company, but I left satisfied ready to do some shopping. Oh, and it’s cash only, so bring some Washingtons!
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Ritters Diner

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Hello All, Tastebud A back in action today!

Ritter’s Diner is a Pittsburgh Tradition for most. It is one of the best and most reasonable places for an early morning breakfast or a late night snack after visiting the Bars. Ritter’s is open 24 hours a day so you aren’t just limited to a Dennys or Eat ‘n Park! So if you like good old down to earth diner food then Ritter’s Diner on Baum Blvd is the place to go. Don’t be afraid of the wait staff either, they may have a bit of an edge and their uniforms aren’t the most fashionable either, but they will give you the best service. Your cup of joe will always be full. Oh and don’t forget…ITS CASH ONLY!

One of my favorites at Ritter’s is their Western Omelet with Homefries and Wheat Toast with a cup of hot coffee (pictured above). Also, another good menu item is their Friend Green Tomatoes…yup, you heard me right! Just like the Movie! They are fried to perfection and tasty. Don’t forget to ask for some ranch dressing on the side!
Tastebud B decided to custom order his omlette which was packed with sausage, bacon, peppers, onions and cheese. He had rye toast, homefries and a cup of coffee as well. Don’t mind TasteBud Bs picture of his breakfast (the top picture) It doesn’t do his breakfast any justice 🙂
The whole breakfast was great, came out hot and full of flavor.
Seating can also be a lot of fun, each table in the front of the diner has mini juke box where you can play many of your favorites. Tastebud B and I didn’t feel like waiting so we decided to dine at the Bar and watch all the action take place!
So the next time you are in need of a good breakfast, down home cooked dinner or a late night snack, go visit Ritters Diner!