Bites from Savory Hill

Unique Inside-Out Bites from Savory Hill

Bites Sampler from Savory HillOne of the most unique things I’ve had in a while has got to be the “Inside Out Chip and Dip” bites at Savory Hill in Moon Township.  I ordered ordered the sampler which included 6 bites – a random collection of all four different bites.

The bites are essentially dips or spreads rolled into a ball and coated with a crunchy mixture – think Shake ‘n Bake.  The combinations of flavors are very approachable, as you would likely see them as appetizers on regular restaurant menus.  Serving these as Bites is just one way that Savory Hill is deserving of its Eclectic Bistro tagline.

The four different bites are as follows:

  • Chips and Dip – Creamy french onion dip with crushed potato chips.
  • Spinach Dip – Cream spinach dip crusted in pita chips
  • Buffalo Chicken – Spicy buffalo chicken dip coated with crushed tortilla chips
  • Bacon Horseradish – Bacon, horseradish and white cheddar covered in bread crumbs

Eat ’em while they are hot, because like any hot dip, they lose their richness as they cool.

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Music and Food Collide at Skully’s

On my recent trip to Columbus, Ohio, I decided to sample more than what is familiar to me and branch out without TasteBudA on my side.

I was attending some meetings in Columbus and looking for some lunch options.  After pulling over on North High Street to pull up my new Yelp app for Android and get some suggestions, I actually had pulled over right in front of Skully’s.  The exterior reminding me of a cross between an old-school diner and a movie theater.  Browsing over the reviews I decided I’d give it a shot.  Despite being the only patron in the restaurant for the majority of the lunch hour, I was surprised that this restaurant-turned-music-venue could produce food worthy of my lunch money.

I started with a side salad which contained fresh vegetables and a nice dip-able balsamic vinaigrette – with only a little pepper it was perfect for me.

As per the suggestion of the server, who doubled as the bartender, I tried the Skully Burger with curly fries – partly because I was in the mood for a burger and partly because it was listed on the menu as Tuesday’s lunch special for only $4.95.  The half-pound cheeseburger with pepperjack cheese satisfied my burger-craving and the curly fries added some “fun” to the plate.

Skully's Music Diner on UrbanspoonI would definitely go back, especially on a Tuesday for the lunch special.  Alas, as it turned out, when I got my bill I double checked and I was there on a Wednesday, so I paid full-price ($6.95) for my Skully Burger – which is still well worth it!  And if I am ever in town again looking to try out the music scene, I may have to check their music schedule at and see what will be playing on the big stage inside.

Coca Cafe, a balance between breakfast and lunch

Coca Cafe is a local brunch hot spot with a more modern, food-forward menu than the likes of traditional breakfast fare like Pamela’s or Dorstop. On a sunny weekend morning, we ventured to Lawrenceville to discover what all the buzz was about. If it wasn’t so humid a day, I’m sure we would have asked to sit in the small outdoor seating area, but on this occasion was opted to stay indoors.

Cafe Americano in a festive zebra print mug

Upon entering and getting my coffee, it was clear that this was a very artistic cafe – my Espresso Americano even came in a zebra-print mug. The Sunday Brunch menu offers a mix of breakfast and lunch options.  I treated my coffee as my breakfast and opted to go straight for lunch.  My Turkey Rachel Panini came with a nice side salad.  It was a very balanced plate with pleasant flavor highlights.  The coleslaw in the panini was amazing.  It made the sandwich a hit in my mind.  The turkey and cheese was warm which counterbalanced the cool, moist coleslaw.  The brightness of the salad and the orange (yes, I eat my garnish) completed a nice meal. I left quite satisfied.

Turkey Rachel Panini

Coca Cafe on UrbanspoonOverall, I think my experience was much like my experience at North Star Cafe in Columbus, Ohio.  The atmosphere was very pleasant and the menu hit the right spots for me.  I will warn you that the prices will appear a little on the expensive side, but are well worth it in the ingredients and service.