A Must Go!

Bistro To Go
415 E Ohio St – Pittsburgh, PA 15212
(412) 231-0218 – www.bistro-togo.com
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Hello! TasteBud A here! Saturday evening TasteBud B and I were walking around E. Ohio Street after stopping at Ritas Italian Ice. On our way around the block we came across Bistro To Go. The next morning (the day before Easter) we decided to stop in and give it a try before our venture to the Zoo.
We were greeted with a smile by the front end cashier and we informed her that we were first time visitors. They promptly showed us breakfast and lunch features. Tastebud B and I both decided on breakfast.
For our order we opted to keep it simple and inexpensive and we each went with a $5 breakfast combo. We also took advantage of a beautiful morning and decided to sit in the courtyard.

TasteBud A: Scrambled Eggs with Cheese, Wheat Toast, Sausage

TasteBud B: Sugar Pecan Maple French Toast, Sausage & Fresh Fruit

TasteBud A review:

I was looking for something simple and easy. I figured that most places can’t screw up what I ordered. The sausage was very good and had great flavor. They gave me a nice thick slice of wheat toast which came already buttered. The only thing that I would have done was asked if there was a cheese selection for my scrambled eggs. They sprinkled the eggs with a generic cheese that turned hard as it cold. Other than that it was good! Excellent coffee as well! Even though I enjoyed my breakfast, I believe that Tastebud B made a better choice!

TasteBud B review:
I feel like I had the better menu selection and seeing my food hit the plate proved my case. I received two hearty pieces of french toast with a sugar maple coating and pecans nestled on top. The flavor in this dish packed a real punch. The sweetness of the french toast was a nice balance against the tasteful breakfast sausage. Whereas the sugar maple syrup was heavy, the side of fresh fruit added to the plate with a refreshing, lighter mouthful.

Pasta Too

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One day TasteBud A and I, TasteBud B, were looking to order a pizza to eat during a Steelers game and after he had a bad experience with Pizza Hut he suggested we order from Pasta Too. — Now, I have lived in Pittsburgh for a few years and always would drive passed Pasta Too on Federal Street and think “why is there a random Pasta restaurant on this block.” I enjoy pasta, but really shouldn’t be gorging on such carb-heavy meals. — So I replied that I didn’t want to have pasta. When he told me it was a pizza place, but he’d never eaten it, we decided to give it a shot.
We taste buds have something great in common, a constant craving for pizza.
Our order from Pasta Too:

one 8-cut Pizza with Sweet Peppers and Sausage

We picked it up and it was very reasonably priced at just under $10. The pizza was amazing. I almost didn’t want to be drink my beer because I wanted to savor the taste of the slightly sweet pizza sauce. Before we knew it, we had finished the pizza and the Steelers had won.
Although the football game was victorious, the pizza overshadowed the win and we now crave Pasta Too! We can’t wait to try other topping combinations now. The nearby Pizza Hut may have just lost our business forever …

About our Wine Exchanges

The Pittsburgh TasteBuds host wine exchanges throughout the year at select BYOB restaurants in the Pittsburgh area.  They are a fun, creative way to meet new people, try new restaurants and go home with a surprise wine.  Typically they are coordinated on Facebook and although RSVPs are required for a headcount, they are open for anyone to attend.  Contact us via Urbanspoon for details and to RSVP.

General Guidelines:

  • Bring 1 bottle of wine in a wine bag or wrapped to be exchanged.
  • Bring 1 bottle of wine to have with your meal.
  • Follow the “theme” of the night.  Each party has a theme – maybe a wardrobe color or accessory.  Participate and you may get a special group giveaway.
  • Please drink responsibly.


History of our wine exchanges:
  • Cinco De Mayo – May 2010
    To be hosted at the Fajita Grill.
  • Mardi Gras – Feburary 2010
    Hosted at River Moon Cafe, the chef/owner worked with us to create a custom Cajun/Creole fixe-prix menu inspired by the French Quarter.  We gave beads to everyone in attendance.  The experience even featured a one of a kind live-music performance!  Thank you Josephine!
  • Holiday Wine Exchange – December 2009
    Abay Restaurant was generous to give our entire group a fixe-price menu which included their combination platter.  Happy Holidays – all corkage fees were on us!  We celebrated great holiday cheer and exposed 16 new people to Ethiopian food.  Thank you Jamie!

Wine Exchange FAQs

What is a Wine Exchange?
Much like your typical gift exchange, you bring a wrapped or bagged bottle of wine.  There is no set price range for the wine, but it is typically recommended to be around $15 so that the recipients are getting a wine of similar quality that they are gifting.

Do I have to bring two bottles?
You don’t have to.  But we recommend it.  Because of the format of the exchanges, we don’t always get to opening the gifted bottles until partially through the evening.  Therefore, we recommend

What is corkage?
Corkage is the discretionary fee (approx. $2.50 – $10) that an establishments chooses to charge to open each bottle.  This doesn’t mean you should just open it yourself though.  Corkage includes the service for providing you a wine glass as well.  As a bonus, some places will offer to chill certain wines upon request.

Not every restaurant charges a corkage fee for groups of our size.  More often, we are charged a flat per person fee for the group, approx. $1-5 per person.

Please drink responsibly.