What’s In Your St. Patrick’s Day Coffee?

With America’s favorite Irish holiday right around the corner, it’s time to consider what wonderful additive will go with this year’s St. Patrick’s Day brew (coffee).

Irish Whisky is a tried and true spike to your morning. There is a reason after all it is called “Irish Coffee”.

Creme de Menthe in your coffee is for those who add multiple sugar packets and need that semblance of “let’s drink green things” for the occasion. Think of it this way … Do you channel your inner Ross Geller?  

Not into mint or whiskey? Don’t let your friends tip them back without you over breakfast. Here are other ways to add some pizzazz to your coffee:

Amaretto will give you a nutty flavor for those who like their Hazelnut flavored coffees from Starbucks.  Caramel Vodka would suffice for those that like the sweeter spectrum. Of course both of these could also be topped with a whipped cream topping so you really get the coffee shop feel. Salted Caramel would also fit the bill. Lastly, chocolate liquers like Godiva would provide the most dessert-like experience of them all.

It would be a fun experiment to try what I call the “breakfast liquors” like the Van Gogh’s PB&J flavor, the Glazed Donut flavor from Mama Walkers, BAKON vodka, or Waffle flavored Georgi vodka. Probably wouldn’t want more than 1. Those Flavors don’t mix with typical bar mixers, so why not look to have breakfast in a cup and pair them directly with the coffee! 

Bar Louie opens North Shore location, free appetizers

After doing the Race to Anyplace at Heinz Field on Saturday, my team of faithful spinners decided to refuel nearby at the freshly opened Bar Louie next to Burgatory in North Shore Place developments. 

After six hours on a spin bike, we appreciated that we could walk right in and sit on a chair more comfortable than the bike seat. A round of beer in, the bartender informs us of a special free appetizer. Simply check in on Facebook and show your server and get a free appetizer. I’m sure this is for a limited time, so visit soon to get that offer.

I got the Chicken Nachos thinking they would be a good small recovery size, but boy was I wrong. This could have fed the entire team. I was happy with them. Very happy in fact, while I quenched my dehydrated body with an ice cold beer. 

I was happy I couldn’t finish the plate, especially when I went to log the nachos into MyFitnessPal. 1,532 calories. Ouch!

Good news for the upcoming baseball season that the nachos are a SHAREABLE appetizer that pleased my palate. Hopefully Pirates fans enjoy the the offseason additions of Bar Louie, Burgatory and soon North Park Lounge to their pre- and post-game hangout options.