Top 5 Downtown Pittsburgh Restaurants for Picky Eaters

#3 Texas de Brazil

New to Station Square, Texas de Brazil is a Brazilian Steakhouse. What that means is for a flat-price (about $45), everyone can enjoy Texas De Brazila large buffet of items and unlimited meat.  Buffets can provide the most flexibility around for picky eaters because they get to see the food before they put it on their plates.  At Texas de Brazil, the buffet is HUGE and diverse.  However, don’t fill up on the buffet, because meat is served table side off huge skewers.  Each diner gets a stoplight-type card.  Place your card on the table green-side up for meat to be delivered, red-side up when you need a break to eat or digest.

To accommodate families, children 6-12 years old are half price. Under the age of 6 are only $5 according to their website. If you are dining with people who love meat, meat and more meat, this is a place where to splurge and they can eat until satisfied.

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