5 Must-Try Meals for Pittsburgh Restaurant Week Winter 2014

  1. Bar Marco: To my own demise, I overlook Bar Marco often because of its location.  Their restaurant week special of 3 courses for only $30.14 include wine pairings. Their special menu is my #1 pick if you are looking to stretch your palate in new directions.When I was a baby my aunt would give me a dill pickle to help with teething.  Ever since, I never hesitate to eat something pickled or shy away from dill as a spice.  The Beet and Apple Soup with Dill sounds quite interesting.  Choosing between the Kohlrabi and Mushroom Ravioli or Sweet and Spicy Pork Belly with Rice Polenta entrees will likely be a game time decision.  I’ve had flan before but I can’t say it made me think of squash.  Though thinking about the texture and color of cooked squash, I can see the resemblance, so I look to have squash for dessert for the first time ever in the Buttercup Squash and Honey Flan.

It took quite some time to widdle the 76 restaurants into a Top 5 list, but now that the list is made it is time to make more reservations!  Hoping everyone enjoys Pittsburgh Restaurant Week!


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