Month: August 2012

TasteBuds head to Conneaut Lake Park

The historical significance and the passion by the local community to keep the park running provide enough charm to keep riders coming back and keep Conneaut Lake Park open. Rides at the park are pay-per-ride, very reminiscent of a carnival. Not every ride in the park is open, but the classic Blue Streak is still in commission. As an amusement park buff, TasteBudA has always wanted to ride the Blue Streak, the 6th oldest wooden coaster in all of the United States.

Subway Sub of the Month – August 2012

This month’s offering is perfect for all of the school students who will soon be returning to classes for the fall. During August, while they are enjoying sleeping long hours into the afternoon. No matter what hour they walk into their local Subway, they’ll be able to get a breakfast footlong for only $5.