Lindos disappoints, food lacks seasoning and service

Steelers Omelet at Lindos
Though it is called a “Steelers Omelet” to be thematic, many will call it a western omelet – ham, sausage, onions, peppers and cheese.

When it comes to breakfast meals, I’d like to think the bar isn’t set too high. Typical breakfast fare includes eggs, pancakes, french toast, waffles, and is sometimes with sides of meat or vegetables. Though breakfast can be fairly monotonous and lacking variety, a restaurant that serves breakfast should concentrate on quality of execution using fresh ingredients. Lindos on Western Ave of the North side (near CCAC and Heinz Field) offers breakfast every day of the week, so we stopped by one morning to check out this cute little space.

Lindos Greek Omelet
Spinach, tomato, gyro meat and feta cheese.

Walking in, the restaurant feels like a stereotypical diner, right down to the vinyl booth seating.  We were quickly sat and offered coffee.  The waitress took our order and it went down hill from there.  The place wasn’t too busy, but there were a few college students taking advantage of the weekend breakfast buffet for only $6.99.

Peek inside Steeler Omelet
A peek inside the Steeler Omelet at Lindos

During the half an hour wait for our omelets to be served, the waitress which took our order was no where to be seen.  Another waitress serviced a nearby table, but ignored our request for coffee refills saying she’d let our waitress know.

Alas, when our omelets arrived they were bland lacking any sort of evidence of being seasoned.  TasteBudA even looked at me and said “Seriously, how often do you see me salt my food.”

Lindos on UrbanspoonWe took enough bites to feel like we’d be tied over until lunch, and then called it quits.  Though we were hoping to discover a viable breakfast location fairly close to home on the northside, we were disappointed with the service and food from Lindos.  Maybe omelets aren’t the way to go at Lindos, but judging from the subpar experience, we will likely not return to give it another shot.

A Taste of Kennywood

The Potato Patch
Potato Patch fries are a Kennywood Park staple that have won awards for years

Heading to Kennywood Park this season? In between rides, be sure to sample some award winning amusement park food including Potato Patch French Fries.  As you can see from the sign, The Potato Patch has world class fries and were rated as North America’s Best French Fries 8 years in a row!

Potato Patch Fries at Kennywood
Potato patch fries topped with cheese and bacon

Though the fries aren’t exactly heart-healthy, you can get a number of toppings on them included in the price. TasteBudA always goes for cheesy-bacon fries, while I tend to lean for a more traditional season salt and malt vinegar.

Spending the entire day at Kennywood Park, be sure to pace yourself and eat your way from the front of the Park all the way to Lost Kennywood.  Potato Patch Fries, Batter-dipped Oreo Cookies and the square hand-dipped ice cream on a stick are all must-haves.  So be sure to have some salads the day before, because Kennywood food, like the rides, are not for the feint of heart.

Jack Rabbit
Jack Rabbit is one of the oldest still-running roller coasters in the world - 92 years and counting


Batter Dipped Oreos at Kennywood Park
Batter-dipped oreos are just one of two must-have sweet treats at Kennywood.

Espresso Growlers, craft coffee to-go

Office-friendly Happy Hour To-Go
Simpatico Espresso takes a page from the craft beer industry and offers growlers of espresso to-go.

In need of an afternoon pick-me-up, but don’t have time to run out to get a cup of joe? At Simpatico Espresso, now you can plan ahead with their newest offering Espresso Growlers.

Espresso Growlers are bottles of chilled espresso ready for that worker in need of an afternoon shot, but also perfect for making your own Iced Espresso Americano drinks to get you through your afternoon at the office.  One growler contains 27 shots of espresso and retails for only $20 – just shy of 75 cents a shot.
Simpatico Espresso on Urbanspoon

Subway Sub of the Month – July 2012

The summer’s heating up and for July 2012 the Subway $5 Featured Footlong is the Buffalo Chicken.  With the midsummer classic right around the corner, trade off those wings for a buffalo chicken sandwich while you can get it for only five dollars.

I still wish the Orchard Chicken Salad could have made a triumphant return, but as a TasteBud who is big on spicy, the buffalo chicken sandwich hits the right notes on my palette. 

What should you top a buffalo chicken sandwich with?  Everything! But if you want your mouth to fit around it, here are the top 3 recommendations:

(1) Spinach – because it is heartier than lettuce to stand up to the sauce and packs more nutrients.
(2) Green peppers – because it will give you a similar crunch like celery or carrots reminscent of having hot wings.
(3) Pickles – a briny pickle compliments the spicy buffalo sauce with a new flavor.

Now the big question: toasted or not toasted?  This is a matter of preference.  Toasting will avoid some of the sogginess that the buffalo sauce could inflict on the bun if the sandwich wasn’t made to be eaten right away.  In general, I only toast buffalo chicken if I am taking the sandwich to go.  As long as I am eating in, I leave it untoasted because I like prefer not to lose the freshness of the subway roll.


Soho before Challenge Nation Race

Club Sandwich at Soho
A pre-race lunch before the Pittsburgh TasteBuds competed in the Challenge Nation Urban Scavenger Hunt.

On June 17, 2012, the Pittsburgh TasteBuds competed in the Challenge Nation Urban Scavenger Hunt. The race was a ton of fun solving riddles and snapping pictures, but what got us through the race was a pre-race meal. With the starting line at Jerome Bettis Grille 36 on the Northshore (and knowing the place would be packed) we opted for a Soho lunch. Soho is located on the corner of W. General Robinson and Federal streets.

Despite being warned of its size by the waitress, I ordered the Turkey Club Sandwich. Though it was really just a well-made sandwich served with spicy fries, she was right. I could only down 3/4 of the sandwich. Though I enjoyed my sandwich, TasteBudA ordered a different sandwich and found it to be bland. Being polite and pressed for time, he simply requested more condiments and powered through the sandwich.

So, how did we fair in the race? 42 out of 268 teams. It wasn’t our running speed that placed us so high, it was out strategic minds and sense of direction around the city.