Search is on for Pittsburgh’s Best Wings

WPXI is searching for Pittsburgh’s Best Wings.  For the TasteBuds, when it comes to a good chicken wing, we’re looking for much more thank Frank’s Red Hot on a breaded wing.  When it comes to the Pittsburgh’s Best series of food accolades, it is great to know that it is based on a good mild wing and a specialty wing.

Think you know a restaurant or bar with a great wing?
As a former WPXI taste-tester, check out the TasteBud’s Keys to a Great Chicken Wing for our secrets to winning and then head over to and submit your nominations.

TasteBud’s Keys to a Great Chicken Wing

Be Meaty – A good, solid chicken wing should have a good amount of meat on it.  If it feels like it’d take dozens of wings to fill up a hungry Steelers fan.

Mild ≠ Flavorless – A mild wing should be something that does have a minor spice kick to it, but nothing that would require ranch or celery to help cool the heat.  Remember, just because a wing is mild, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have flavor.

Creativity Reaps Rewards – Be creative without being wacky.  I’d much sooner try a lime-tequila wing (even sounds yum) before I’d try a honey and parmesan (when has sweet and cheesy ever worked?).
Oh, and just because the Mild wing is the first category – don’t try to do your Hot wing as your creative one.  Perhaps try a dry rub? or a rub-infused sauce?

Not Breaded – A chicken wing is not shake ‘n bake.  It is quite okay to bake, grill or coal-fire your chicken wings, but leave the bread for the birds.  Don’t use breading as a ploy to soak up the sauce.

An added bonus but not required:
Good Cold – Ever gone out for wings and your eyes were bigger than your stomach?  A chicken wing, like pizza, should be edible cold.  If it seems like something I could eat as a left-over, then

Please note: The Pittsburgh TasteBuds are not judges for this round of WPXI’s Pittsburgh’s Best.  But if we were, these would be the things we’d look for as we judged.

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