Subway Sub of the Month – Jalapeno Tuna – March 2012

After several uncreative months of Subway $5 Footlong specials, Subway is forging back into the creative spotlight with a new offering in March 2012.  Following Febru-any, when you can get any (non-premium) footlong for the special price of $5, it’s time to spice things up with a spicy jalapeno tuna sandwich.

Spring is right around the corner and as the weather begins to heat up, so should your taste buds.  Excited to see a new combination from Subway, I’m curious to see if they are going to simply use their existing tuna sandwich and just suggest the canned jalapenos as a topping.  I sure hope not.  The exciting part to me would be if the tuna was actually infused with fresh jalapenos – yes, fresh.  The soggy canned jalapenos don’t make my heart pitter patter, because I tend to get them on my Subway subs anyway.

After some brief online research, I’ve found that jalapeno tuna isn’t a brand new idea.  In fact, there is an off the shelf product in select marketplaces which already combines these two flavors – StarKist Autentico Tuna in Oil with Jalapenos, delicious select cuts of premium tuna packed in oil with flavorful jalapeno and red bell peppers for a bold and spicy kick.

In just over a week, we’ll find out what Subway really has up their sleeve.  Hopefully they go above my expectations and use some fresh jalapenos, even if for a limited time only.

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