Subway Sub of the Month – Jalapeno Tuna – March 2012

After several uncreative months of Subway $5 Footlong specials, Subway is forging back into the creative spotlight with a new offering in March 2012.  Following Febru-any, when you can get any (non-premium) footlong for the special price of $5, it’s time to spice things up with a spicy jalapeno tuna sandwich.

Spring is right around the corner and as the weather begins to heat up, so should your taste buds.  Excited to see a new combination from Subway, I’m curious to see if they are going to simply use their existing tuna sandwich and just suggest the canned jalapenos as a topping.  I sure hope not.  The exciting part to me would be if the tuna was actually infused with fresh jalapenos – yes, fresh.  The soggy canned jalapenos don’t make my heart pitter patter, because I tend to get them on my Subway subs anyway.

After some brief online research, I’ve found that jalapeno tuna isn’t a brand new idea.  In fact, there is an off the shelf product in select marketplaces which already combines these two flavors – StarKist Autentico Tuna in Oil with Jalapenos, delicious select cuts of premium tuna packed in oil with flavorful jalapeno and red bell peppers for a bold and spicy kick.

In just over a week, we’ll find out what Subway really has up their sleeve.  Hopefully they go above my expectations and use some fresh jalapenos, even if for a limited time only.

Cornerstone Restaurant and Bar: Event Specialists


Cornerstone Restaurant and Bar is a great place to meet up with friends for a drink and delicious food.  With this, Cornerstone also offers a great event space all year round.   This past Christmas and Holid

ay season we held our Pittsburgh Tastebuds Holiday Wine Exchange benefiting Toy’s for Tot’s at Cornerstone, utilizing there event space.   While working with the management and staff we learned that they are very organized, up beat, friendly and willing to assist on every aspect.  Based on the table configuration we were able to have a total attendance of 60 guests  which we were able to fill.

The menu consisted of four entrees, soup or salad with dessert al carte.   Everyone’s entree came out pipping hot and looks fantastic.  The waitstaff was friendly, quick and always on the ball to open bottles of wine and met the needs of our guests.    As you can see, the space is bright, cheerful and cozy.

We highly recommend Cornerstone Restaurant and Bar for not only lunch and dinner but also for your next party, work dinner or celebration.  And, when you speak to Management, let them know the Pittsburgh Tastebuds sent you!

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