Subway Oven Crisp Chicken – Not So Crispy

Despite my excitement for the Oven Crisp Chicken, I am sorry to say it did not live up to my expectations. I did the best I could to photograph the most appetizing view of the sandwich too, but it was a lost cause.

The oven crisp conceptually is a great idea – get those people that like the breaded crispiness of fried chicken to replace it with a Subway Fresh Fit sub. Well, thee chicken was breaded but it wasn’t crispy. For me, it fell short enough for me to consider it a glorified soggy chicken patty with copious Subway veggies.

As a fan of the oven roasted chicken Fresh Fit sub, I also have to wonder how the breaded chicken stacks up nutritionally. Well, other than being about 6g of fat, sadly it doesn’t.

Oven Crisp 6″ sub: 420 cal / 6.7g fat / 67g carb / 13g sugar / 23g protein
Oven Roasted 6″ sub: 320 cal / 5g fat / 48g carb / 8g sugar / 23g protein

I predict this sub to have a short run on the Subway menu unless changes are made to actually give me a crispy, crunch in the sub. I may even sacrafice the Fresh Fit designation for taste! Then, maybe I will support this sub more.

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