Subway Sub of the Month – Turkey Breast and Black Forest Ham

This month, instead of having to decide between a Turkey foot-long or a Black Forest Ham foot-long, you can enjoy both and not even have to pay any extra for it.

The Subway $5 Featured Foot-Long for September 2011 is Turkey Breast and Black Forest Ham. This Fresh Fit sub comes on the heels of the newly added  Fresh Fit sub, the Oven Crisp Chicken.

The first sub of the month to clock in at under 600 calories as foot-long (without cheese) is a wonderful lunch for anyone trying to watch their waistline.  I know I took a well-deserved break from my Lean Cuisine and Healthy Choice meals to indulge on a 6″ version of this sandwich.

One can only have so many microwaved at-work meals day after day.  So I recommend finding a fellow hungry co-worker, taking a break to leave your office and running to your nearest Subway and enjoy lunch for two for only $5.  Comparing the nutritional information of a Lean Cuisine and this Turkey and Ham sub, you’ll see that they are fairly comparable.  So if you are ready to consider a sub with fresh veggies and extra flavor instead of the reheated frozen vegetables in the microwave meals, then this is the month to do it!

Nutritional Value
Chicken and Vegetables
Lean Cuisine (link)
6″ Turkey & Ham
(No cheese)

If you don’t find a co-worker to split the foot-long with, the sub falls well under 1/3 of the 2000-calorie diet anyway.

Turkey Breast and Black Forest Ham foot-long including 9-grain wheat bread, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, green peppers and cucumbers.

580 cal / 8g fat / 93g carb / 14g sugar / 35g protein

In the long run, I’m happy Subway has selected a Fresh Fit sub for their sub of the month.  It’s long overdue in my opinion.  Stay tuned for information on what will be coming to a Subway near you for October 2011.

Music and Food Collide at Skully’s

On my recent trip to Columbus, Ohio, I decided to sample more than what is familiar to me and branch out without TasteBudA on my side.

I was attending some meetings in Columbus and looking for some lunch options.  After pulling over on North High Street to pull up my new Yelp app for Android and get some suggestions, I actually had pulled over right in front of Skully’s.  The exterior reminding me of a cross between an old-school diner and a movie theater.  Browsing over the reviews I decided I’d give it a shot.  Despite being the only patron in the restaurant for the majority of the lunch hour, I was surprised that this restaurant-turned-music-venue could produce food worthy of my lunch money.

I started with a side salad which contained fresh vegetables and a nice dip-able balsamic vinaigrette – with only a little pepper it was perfect for me.

As per the suggestion of the server, who doubled as the bartender, I tried the Skully Burger with curly fries – partly because I was in the mood for a burger and partly because it was listed on the menu as Tuesday’s lunch special for only $4.95.  The half-pound cheeseburger with pepperjack cheese satisfied my burger-craving and the curly fries added some “fun” to the plate.

Skully's Music Diner on UrbanspoonI would definitely go back, especially on a Tuesday for the lunch special.  Alas, as it turned out, when I got my bill I double checked and I was there on a Wednesday, so I paid full-price ($6.95) for my Skully Burger – which is still well worth it!  And if I am ever in town again looking to try out the music scene, I may have to check their music schedule at and see what will be playing on the big stage inside.

Cioppino in the Strip

A few of us decided to try Cioppino in Pittsburgh famous Strip District.  I had heard so many good things about this place that I was highly excited to give it a try.   But, for me, I only saw a lot of negatives and not many positives.

I’ll start off with the positives:  Excellent Service.  Our server was really great, very friendly, highly informative about the food, well prepared for any questions we may have had and paid good attention to when our water or wine glasses needed filled.

Nice atmosphere. Cioppino offers a nice atmosphere while dining.  Its comfortable, relaxed and a nice place to enjoy a meal.

Presentation: Everything we ordered was presented nicely to us and looked amazing.

Now the negatives:  When entering, you enter in between the dining area and the bar.  The bar had a band playing which was nice music but way too loud.  I’m not sure how anyone was able to even sit and enjoy a drink in the bar with the music that loud.  The sound carried into the dining area but wasn’t too bad in there.

The Food:  All in all, the food was just OKAY.  As a table we started off with the Antipasti Platter, we had a nice mix of meats, cheeses, redpeppers and olives.  This was really good and a nice way to start of dinner.

Then, we all took a little of our friends Caesar Salad that was also very nice and refreshing.  The dressing wasn’t overly strong and was good as well.
Then the disaster came.  I ordered the Scallops that came with risotto and a lobster cream.  Sounds amazing, right?   Wrong!  It was so salty!  I had to down water and my wine in order to finish my dinner.  Seafood is salty to begin with, we all know this, but to add more salt and seasoning than needed is overkill.  Even the risotto was highly seasoned and hard to get down at times.
The major disapointment with this is the fact that Cioppino is know heavly for their seafood.  I was expecting something so much better and satisfing.

Cioppino on Urbanspoon

All in all, I still believe that Cioppino is a cool place to go, but ill probably just go for happy hour for a drink and go someplace else for dinner afterward.   For the price you pay I would be very cautious on going to Cioppino.

Subway Sub of the Month – Buffalo Chicken

Subway’s featured sub of the month is the Buffalo Chicken sandwich. This saucy sub has a little kick to it but its still mild enough for mainstream America.

As I’ve mentioned before, I find it odd how the sub is listed on the Subway Nutritional guidelines, so I will help de-mystify the healthful-ness of it.

As listed on’s nutritional guide:

6″ Buffalo Chicken (with regular Ranch dressing) includes 9-grain wheat bread, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, green peppers and cucumbers.

460 cal / 19 g fat / 47g carb / 9g sugar / 27g protein

Making it a footlong, obviously doubles the nutritional values to:

920 cal / 38 g fat / 96g carb / 18g sugar / 54g protein

So, if you want to enjoy the cost-friendly $5 footlong, perhaps I’d recommend the following personalizations:

  1. Skip the ranch. Omitting the regular Ranch dressing from the sub saves you 110 calories per 6″ dropping the 6″ sandwich’s nutrional values to 350 cal / 8 g fat / 46g carb / 8g sugar /27g protein. (Or as a footlong: 700 cal / 16g fat / 92g carb / 16g sugar / 54g protein)
  2. Add lots of veggies. Adding vegetables provides you not only your recommended vegetable intake for the day, but does so with minimal burdern on your nutrional categories of calories/fat/carb/protein. Personally, I enjoy lots of vegetables on this sandwich because it can provide a crisp, cool contrast to the buffalo sauce. The other added benefit is that vegetables will help fill you up. Why not split it into 2 meals or share your lunch with a friend!
  3. Omit the cheese.  Pinching your calories even more?  Doing so will save you an extra 40 calories per 6-inch, or 80 in the footlong version.

I assume the history of buffalo chicken sandwiches can somehow be traced back to the origin of the buffalo chicken wing. If that is where the buffalo sandwich takes your mind too, perhaps skip the cheese and enjoy your favorite light beer in it’s place. Take this sandwich home, sit on your back porch and enjoy the buffalo and beer. Summer’s almost over.

How does this stack up against the other $5 footlongs of Summer 2011? 
If the regular ranch dressing is omitted from this month’s Buffalo Chicken, then this sub is actually better for you than it’s two predecessors – June: Chipotle Chicken and Cheese and July: Italian B.M.T.(R). However, it matches up well to my favorite thus far, the Orchard Chicken Salad sandwich from May.  The Buffalo Chicken has a slight edge on calories, but doesn’t compare to the bright summer flavors of the orchard chicken salad.

Next up in the month of September: Turkey Breast and Black Forest Ham.