A Hot Lunch at Dozen Bake Shop

Don’t let the name the “bake shop” name make you think that they are just a bakery, Dozen Bake Shop has a selection of lunch items worth a stop at any of their Pittsburgh locations.  

On my recent stop on last Friday, I was very pleased with the lunch offerings.  I selected a cup of Tomato Basil soup and a Turkey and Cheddar sandwich.  The sandwich was available either heated or cold, I opted for it hot and very much liked the results. 

The sandwich was made with very nice bread toasted gently as a hot sandwich, enough to melt the cheese.  In my opinion, the soup was just okay.  You could tell that there were fresh herbs used in the construction of this slow simmered soup, which I am very much in favor of, however they were not chopped fine enough for me and I did not enjoy picking the stringy herbs from my teeth. 

Dozen Bake Shop on UrbanspoonDespite the soup, I always enjoy my trips to Dozen.  I look forward to trying more of their non-bakery options and sharing them with everyone.  Since … I can’t have a sweet tooth every time I go in. 

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South Side Steaks, a satisfying steak hoagie

The Ultimate Yinzer is not just a Pittsburgh-born native with who goes dahntahn every once in a while, it’s also a steak hoagie at South Side Steaks on East Carson Street on the south side. I got my Ultimate Yinzer with all the veggies, but is available without the fixings for the more carnivorous type of eater. Not only did it fill me up, but I needed a fork to finish it off.

The meat is cooked to order right in front of you, so there are no tricks, just some good food. The condiment bar also includes an array of peppers so you can turn your meal into something spicier, if you want. I’ve seen the popularity while walking by on a weekend night, but personally opted to go in the afternoon when it was a less crazy crowd.

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Chili with the Works Postponed until May 21

Mother nature is having herself quite a spring in Pittsburgh.  Due to inclement weather Chili with the Works has been postponed until Saturday, May 21.  Here is the message from South Side Works:

Chili with the Works has been postponed due to the weather forecast for Saturday.  The event will now be taking place on Saturday, May 21st along with a Street Party from 2-11 PM! 

We hope to see you all in May!

Want to scope out the Chili Competition from last year?  Check out our TasteBud Report following last year’s event.  I wonder how many will return to compete for the Title of Best Chili in the Burgh!

Pulled Pork Pierogi Stacker

Take me out to the Ball Game for a Pulled Pork Pierogi Stacker

This baseball season I had the pleasure of attending the 2011 Pittsburgh Pirates Home Opener vs the Colorado Rockies.   It was a beautiful spring day, people arrived early for tailgating and fans were eager for the afternoon game to begin with an always high hope and faith true sports fans have for their home town team.

While at the game I decided to take a walk around beautiful PNC Park where I came across a BBQ food stand on the outfield river walk called Manny Sanguillens.  You can’t miss it, the barbecue grill fills that end of the stadium with delicious smells and smoke that a typical BBQ would bring.   On the menu at Manny Sanguillens, they have a sandwich that was absolutely amazing called the Pulled Pork Pierogi Stacker served on a salted bun.

The sandwich itself is $7.50, which includes that Tax and is a very good deal since it filled me up to last me keeping me happy for the rest of the ball game.

The Pirates may have lost the game, but PNC Park has a winner with this amazing sandwich!  Go give it a try!

Birmingham Bridge Tavern, locals call it the BBT

Birmingham Bridge Tavern is actually located on Sarah Street and 29th Street closer to the Hot Metal Bridge than the Birmingham. This local joint has a phenominal beer selection and an array of wing sauces sure to please any palate.

Commonly referred to by the locals as the BBT, it is a great small town place to watch and Pittsburgh sports game. With a selection of about 20 drafts and 100 different bottles, a beer drinker can have a different beer every visit and never have the same twice.

Despite usually being drawn to the wings, I ordered the fish and chips, substiuting the chips for a side salad so I felt better about the fried fish. The fish was decent size, and the crispy batter was good (especially when I dipped it in a side of “Eric Jr” wing sauce – 8 of 10 on the heat scale). The house dressing is a thicker version of balsamic, which stuck well to the veggies. I’m a fan of the BBT, but will stick with the wings and a side salad on my next visit. I was hoping that they fish during lent might be delicious, but in fact the fish itself was nothing special.

If you plan on going, I recommend early evening before the bar crowd arrives, because when the bartender is also the server then service breaks down making getting you bill and paying for it to be a chore.

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Hometown Breakfast at the Dor Stop

The Dor Stop has always had notoriety from local diners due to this hometown restaurant’s menu and community involvement. Until Guy Fiery cast the national spotlight on them on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, a show for foodies of all palettes.
We’ve been to the Dor-Stop before for breakfast, but have yet to review it. This past weekend we specifically ventured into Dormont for breakfast the Dor-Stop.

One of the trademark dishes is a raspberry french toast. A crispy french toast topped with powdered sugar and raspberry yogurt drizzled with raspberry sauce and served with breakfast meat of your choice. The french toast is dipped in corn flakes before cooked giving it a crispiness and results in a less soggy piece of bread.

If you like a heavier, meatier breakfast, then try one of the great scrambles, including one they Guy himself added to the menu. Sure the Dor Stop may not be in prime visitor location, but it represents Pittsburgh to the fullest.

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