Eat Well, Lose Weight

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t have the New Years Resolution to lose weight? Most people that I know tend to take liberties with their diet around the holidays and therefore need to make up for that after the new year. Before the holidays even began, I agreed to a weight loss challenge with three friend “Biggest Loser”-style. Much in the same respect that the Biggest Loser on NBC uses the greatest percentage of weight loss, so will we.  The challenge will be a grueling five month, until Memorial Day weekend when we are planning a trip to Toronto.

Knowing this before the holidays, one of my Christmas gifts from TasteBudA was a copy of “Eat Well, Lose Weight” from Better Homes and Gardens. TasteBudA spent – what he claims to be – hours in the bookstore reviewing the recipes in the book prior to purchase. He knew that if he was going to buy this book, he’d also be taking part in the dishes it would create. So it looks like aside from trying to eat better, healthier portions of what Pittsburgh has to offer, I may be sharing my experiences and progress in the competition on

Want to meet one of my competitors? Check out my friend or (Twitter @nerdeats).

I’m currently on the lookout for other great tools that will help me in the competition. I think a regular workout plan and food journal are what I’m on the lookout for. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to share them.

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